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Chasing The Horizon 
Music Review &  Lyrics
Words & Music by Mitch McVicker
If you want to feel God smiling, if you want to hear a prayer answered, listen to this stunning sophomore Album by Mitch McVicker ~ Chasing the Horizon.  Mitch's voice is beyond repaired,  It is soaring high with such smooth quality it will astound you.

General  review: Link
Track by track review: Link

#1 Emmanuel 3:07 #7 Anything 3:39
#2 Strength To Move 3:11 #8 It Won't Take Long 3:17
#3 Upside Down 4:08 #9 Burning The Fields 4:53
#4 When You Love 4:58 #10 Rich's Song 4:58
#5 Suits Of Skin 3:32 #11 Where Did It Go? 3:25
#6 Watch Over Me 5:07 #12 Kingdom Of The Heart 4:23

Articles and stuff:

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