words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music 
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission

Anything Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker

Well, I'll take the scraps
That fall to the floor
'Cause all the meals I fix for myself
Leave me wanting more

And I go through phases
And trends just don't last long
Oh, but the Bread of Life lasts forever
So I'd like some

Yeah, here's my soul, do with it what You want
'Cause I don't even know what I need
But I know there's so much more than I have ever thought of
So I'd be happy with anything

And I am limping
Along life's path
And if blessings are being handed out
Then I'll take the scraps


And I'm just a little boy
Wearing grown-up clothes
I'm living in la-la land
And I want to touch your cloak
So I will reach out my hand


Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

From Mitch:
I wrote this song in my at-the-time-fiance's living room. Looking back, I had no idea what I was saying and what a blunt resignation to the will of God it was. Now, it sometimes frightens me to think that I could actually mean it. I don't deserve anything from God, and whatever God sends my way is more than enough, and that whatever God chooses to do with my soul is fine. It is hard to surrender, but over a year later, as I am sitting in my own living room, and I have a much better idea of what I was talking about.

Mitch was asked about this song and how it came about: 

 That was a song lyrically that had changed about 4 or 5 times.  Until I finally got around to that point.  And when I finally got to that point I was like, wow, I think that maybe this song is finally saying something.  And when I got done with it I was like, oh wow, do I really mean that?  Because it is kinda’ a bold statement that I mean when I'm at my best.  But a lot of times I'm like, wow, would I really be happy with anything; anything that God gives me-because I don't know what my soul needs? 
Do with it what You want, God. ~ Mitch McVicker 


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