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We had a great song discussion on this song last year.  Just a bunch of friends meeting on the zone, hashing over one of the EP songs from Chasing The Horizon.  After the discussion was closed, I requested and was granted this interview. 

Mitch is always very generous sharing his soul, in both his music and in his writing.  I think this is one of the things God wrote on his heart:  let your life and words reflect the pattern of My will that I have weaved in your heart.

Enjoy this article and then head over to the new song discussion.


The Interview:

~ Can you give any background on what inspired the song?

Mitch: I wrote Burning The Fields when I was on my way to play a concert in Wichita, KS.  We were driving through the flint hills and the fields were being burned like they are every spring.  It is done to get rid of the old grass so that new grass will grow.

I was blown away by the beauty of it and the meaning behind it.  The fact that the fields were being made new, but that they were going through the fire in order for that to happen, had a profound impact on me.  I got to thinking about how that is precisely what happens to us the majority of the time when God renews us.

~ Did you write the words and melody together?   Or did you have a melody and fit words into it?

Mitch: The song came together all at once on the drive.  The chord progression, the lyrics, and melody were formed in about an hour.  The first time I played it was at that concert in Wichita that night.  When I actually began to play it, I couldn't remember the melody - so I just made something up.  Later I remembered it.

~ Is there a general message you want to convey in this song?

Mitch:  The song is basically my prayer for renewal.  It  is also my prayer for those at the concert and those who hear the song wherever they are.  Sometimes we are burned...but the good news is ...we are being made into what God would have us become.

Mitch our discussions raised a few lyric questions did you have special meaning to these lines:

~ "And my memories run thick like that smoke".

Mitch: Just a reference to all the great memories I have in Kansas and Wichita specifically, which is where I was heading.  They are thick enough to play a big part in making me who I am.  Thick like the smoke from the fields.

~ "And like the love that's here when I come back".

Mitch:  Whenever I go back to visit, I am met by amazingly loving, giving people.  The love that I feel from so many there is also thick.  I am deeply moved by it.  And thankful that it also plays a big part in making me who God would have me become.

~  "That time of year again"

Mitch: Reference to spring.

~  "So Lord, make me the salt of the earth".

Mitch:  My prayer that I wouldn't lose my saltiness.  I am amazed that in spite of my lack of faith and trust, that God uses me, and everyone in the body of believers if we open ourselves to it, to bring hope, faith, truth, and love to this world.  God  takes me through the fire to do this, because I am disobedient and need to be redone.  I am not naturally a hopeful, loving person, but God is God.

That is the good news.  God loves us enough to work on us.  ~ Mitch McVicker

A link to the  lyrics: #9 Burning The Fields 4:53

Read our discussion of this song at Lyric Discussion Article 

Thanks again to everyone who joined in on the discussion!  I would like to gave a special thanks to Mitch for sharing the song and now the insight with us.  ~ suzan

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