Look Inside Burning The Fields ~ with Mitch McVicker
#9 4:53 
words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music 
All rights reserved.   Lyrics reprinted by permission 
Look Inside Burning The Fields ~ with Mitch McVicker 

Well, they're burning the fields in Kansas 
The Flint Hills are all ablaze 
It's a beautiful sight to watch the flames rise 
And watch the smoke drift away 
And my memories run thick like that smoke 
And like the love that's here when I come back 
And I'm thankful for what I had, 
I'm thankful for what I have now 
So like the fields I want to come to life again 

Yeah, renew my soul like that green grass on the prairies 
Rekindle my heart with a passion for You 
Restore my mind, take my anxious thoughts away 
And, Lord, make me new like only You can do 

And it's that time of year once again 
When new life begins to stir 
The light of the world is loose on the grasslands 
So, Lord, make me the salt of the earth 


And now I'm thinkin' about Bennett Drive 
And I think about the Smith's living room 
And how life only comes from You 


Ah, renew my soul and rekindle my heart 
Restore my mind, make me new, yeah 
Renew my soul, rekindle my heart 
Restore my mind, make me new, make me new, make me new 
Make me new 

They're burnin' the fields, yes, they are burning the fields 
Oh, they're burning the fields in Kansas, 
So make me new like only You can do

Rick Elias ~ electric guitar/MarkRobertson ~ bass/Phil Madeira ~ b-3 organ, electric guitar,Dennis Holt~ drums/Brad Layher ~ acoustic guitar, hammered dulcimer, BGV/ 
Steve Hendalong ~ percussion/Riki Michelle ~ BGV/Mitch McVicker ~ harmonica/ 
I made this up as I was driving through the Flinthills on my way to do a concert in Wichita, KS. The fields were being burned, as they are every spring, to get rid of the dead grass so that new grass can grow. I started thinking about how God does the same thing for us that God does for those fields. It hurts to be burned, but we are being redone into what God wants us to become. We are being renewed.

From  a interview mich was asked about this song and he replied: 

  A song like “Burning the Fields” is a song that I just had to do.   It's a song that somehow moves me every time I  play it.   People think that I'm arrogant when I say this-but a song that I wrote moves me.   It's very true.    It's a deep blessing to get to have it become new every night.   Because it is a prayer and it is very meaningful to me to get to sing it to God each night.  ~ Mitch McVicker 


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