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Chasing the Horizon
Mitch McVicker
Out of the Box
7-14797-0063-2-8 CD only
Singer/songwriter Mitch McVicker’s sophomore project, Chasing the Horizon, takes listeners on an introspective journey, invoking God’s presence in the midst of his experiences.

The result is 12 original, reflective acoustic guitar-based, pop/folk songs that aim to share the gospel message and offer the hope found in Christ to listeners worldwide.

As a follow-up to his self-titled debut, Chasing the Horizon continues to distinguish McVicker as a solo artist. This project shares more songs he penned, including, “Upside Down,” “Strength to Move” and “Anything.” Friend Rich Mullins’ influence abounds in McVicker’s approach, especially on highlights like McVicker’s rendition of Mullins’ “When You Love,” and on the song he wrote for his friend and mentor, “Rich’s Song.”  As the lyrics of “Rich’s Song” relate: “I’m sorry you had to part/until I think about where you are/you stepped behind a veil/and then you just went on in/but you were here for a little while/and that was such a gift.”

Produced by Ragamuffin Mark Robertson, Chasing the Horizon offers well-written songs that genuinely appeal to listeners and encourage them in a deeper Christian walk.

Audiences who appreciate pop/folk music will applaud McVicker’s sophomore effort.

Spanish Review!

     Another Spanish Review

                                               Mitch McVicker. Chasing The Horizon

                                                  For all those that do not know the name of Mitch McVicker, it is
                                                  the young cantante/compositor that was of tour with Rich Mullins
                                                  and who was contributor in the automobile accident that tragically
                                                  ended the life of Rich Mullins. After it, the recovery of Mitch
                                                  McVicker to be slow, physically and spiritually. He is interesting
                                                  and incredible to observe that during this period of time the
                                                  independent album debut of Mitch McVicker experiment a high
                                                  index of sales receiving a Dove prize like song of the year by My
                                                  Deliverer, the one that appeared in the posthumous album of
                                                  Rich Mullins, the acclaimed The Jesus Record.

                                                  Due to the previous thing, Mitch McVicker has seen like the
                                                  successor and continuator of the legacy of Rich Mullins , truely
                                                  high expectation. The question that one becomes is that if
                                                  somebody will be able to fill the emptiness left by Rich Mullins
                                                  within the industry of Christian music. Many are trying it, but
                                                  single they have managed to catch certain aspects of the
                                                  charisma and found personality of Rich Mullins . It remembers to
                     see the attempts to me of bands like The Ragamuffin Band and Andrew Peterson .  Nevertheless, Mitch
                     McVicker is one of whom this but near one to fill that emptiness. Their composition, their music and
                     charisma go by the same way. And in its second called project Chasing the Horizon we can observe as
                     the influence of its friend is shaped in this disc. The previous thing does not imply that the music of Mitch
                     McVicker does not have its merito, personality and ministerial value, all the opposite, the legacy left by
                     Rich Mullins will be very difficult to imitate or to surpass and Mitch McVicker this conscientious one of it.

                     Musically, Mitch gives to a different sound on the basis of an aggressive acoustic pop-rock with roots folk
                     to us by nature, almost orienting itself but to the rock that to the pop one.

                     Now we see that it gives its composition to us. The album opens with. Emmanuel . (God with Us) that
                     simultaneously explains the meaning to us of this deep word and, remembers to us of which God is with
                     us in our daily fight within this world. Upside Down . (The other way around) it forces to us to feed our
                     mind so that we remember of which we must be been thankful by everything what God gives us. One of
                     those songs that easily it will captivate to anyone is the beautiful tribute to its friend in Rich.s Song . (the
                     Song of Rich), a subject that this far better to close the album, without being inferior a. Kingdom of the
                     Heart . (Kingdom of the Heart), which is a gasping glance to that world to come. Also it is possible to find
                     a pleasing one to cover of a song of Rich of 1985 call. When You Love . (When Masters). Other songs
                     that emphasize are " Strength to Move ", " Suits of Skin ", and " Watch Over Me ". The remaining
                     songs enter the lírica and musical simplicity, by means of which it express many of the experiences lived
                     during the automobile accident, some times caressing the edge of the poetry and everything under a
                     smooth and simple atmosphere of music folk-rock.

                     Mitch McVicker happened through a full experience of pain and suffering. It has arisen from him another
                     side, and created this disc like a picture which really he knows the depth of the fidelity of God.   Chasing
                     the Horizon is a good album, a little but mature and better constructed than its disc debut, this thanks to
                     the production of Mark Robertson the one that grants a sound to him by roots rock but similar to the fact
                     by The Ragamuffin Band . Mark also participates in the album together   Rick Elias and Phil Madeira as
                     well as Steve Hindalong and many other legendary Christian musicians. We are in the presence of a new
                     promise that this paving its own and personal way in the Christian musical scene.

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