Track 10 4:59 
words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music 
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission

Rich's Song Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker

If you chase the horizon long enough,
Then you just might lose the dark
And you found the light or maybe it found you and I'm sorry you had to part
Until I think about where you are
You stepped behind a veil and then you just went on in
But you were here for awhile and that was such a gift
Do you know what I mean is?

I'm sure you smile a lot more than you ever did before
And I can hear you laughing and carrying on from here
But this world took it's toll so you went on through that door
And I could tell it all was drawing near
I just had no idea it was so close
But He was always calling you home

He was always calling you home

And I have never known who heard His voice
But I'm almost sure you did
You had a way of hiding it,
But you walked along with Him
Oh, do you know what I mean is?
As I put words to your life they seem to come up short
The words meant a lot to you,
But you are so much more

Chorus (twice)

From the day that you were born
He was calling you home
From the day that you were born
He was calling you home
He was calling you home
He was calling you home
You finally made it home
You made it home

Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

From Mitch:
I wrote this for, to, and about Rich Mullins. I wrote it as I was recovering from the carwreck that ended up killing him and injuring me. I was thinking about how I missed him, but how I really couldn't be that sad because everything Rich was longing for and striving towards in this life had now been realized. sometimes, I even think I can hear him laughing.

From  an  interview mitch was asked about this song and he replied replied: 
Well, it's a song that I started coming up with the music for it when Rich and I were still roommates.  He was fond of the melody and he thought it was neat.  And so then when I was recovering (from the car accident) I thought, wow, I really want to do something with this song.  I really want to try and write a song for Rich, about Rich, to Rich with this.  As much as I was thinking about the whole situation, with being in the wreck with Rich, with me being in a bad situation of healing, it didn't make sense to me.  People would talk about missing Rich: what a bummer that was and what a bad deal, what a tragic deal and I would say, yeah, but just I couldn't get that upset about it because I do believe that Rich got the better end of the deal.  In one instant, everything that Rich was striving for was accomplished, was achieved.  In the fact that Rich, “blammo” was in the presence of God, was in communion with God.  He was whole, complete, and free of what he'd been struggling against here and there.  We all will be free of our struggles, free of the downfall of our souls and there Rich was.  So I could not get that upset about things.  I tried to put that down into words and music.  It's another one (song) that is very meaningful to me. ~ Mitch McVicker 


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