Chasing the Horizon -

1. Here and Now -
2. Take Hold of Me -
3. Gospel Rain -
4. She Asked Me How -
5. Freedom -
6. Lemonade Song -
7. Only Love Will -
8. Hope -
9. My Deliverer -
10. One of These Days -
11. New Mexico -
Customer Reviews:

Best kept secret in Christian music
I am pretty stingy with 5-star ratings, but I didn't give a second thought about this one. This whole CD is just an awesome listening experience from start to finish, and each song is memorable. Mitch's lyrics (sometimes co-writen by Rich Mullins) are always thought-provoking, and starkly honest. Rich Mullins left a very distinctive stamp on the production of this album- his death occurred in the final stages of producing it. So naturally out of all of Mitch's CD's to date, this one sounds the most Mullins-esque. That is not to say it is stuck in the shadow of Rich Mullins. Mitch makes each song his own with his distinctive vocals, unique observations, and a fresh folk-rock sound. To my ear, this is an all around better CD than either "Chasing the Horizon" or "W/out Looking Down". The production is just superb- again, likely because of the involvement of Rich. Mitch's more recent CDs have their share of great songs too, but if you are just introducing yourself to McVicker, this is the one to buy- no contest, at least not yet. We can only guess what Mitch will bring us in the future.

Mitch McVicker Hits A Grand Slam Homer w/Rhythm House Debut
Truly one of the best recordings that I have ever heard. Mitch's gifted voice, sincere lyrics and moving melodies make this a truly inspiring album of songs focused on Jesus and our Christian walk through this life. If you listen closely, you can hear Rich Mullins' supporting vocals perfectly bonded with Mitch's. Truly a GREAT album! Get it today and give it away to others.

This is a CD of a guy who has really grown in his relationship with the Lord & it shows. The songs are relevant in the message they covey & show the heart of a man who seeks hard after Christ. I love the "fun" songs on the CD as well as his more serious songs. "Only Love Will", & "Take Hold of Me" are my personal favorites. And I have to say that I can tell who his musical mentor learned well from Rich, Mitch! Great work! This album is uniquely Mitch.