Chasing The Horizon ~ EP Music Review
~ by suzan

When this jewel was announced by Mitch in an article on April 4, 2000 ~  In His Own Words ­ EP release, a haunting anticipation mode began stirring in my mind.  Unaware of his first album available in 98 'till Feb 2000 and then Canticle of the Plains also years after the release, left me with a don't be caught napping attitude.  I was compelled to add it to my memory music collection as soon as possible.  Being a late comer to his music only gave me more thirst for the next project.  First reaction to his debut album was stunned.  Music was enjoyed, appreciated, and entertaining, but not effecting my essence of existence in this way.  Disturbed by the impact, I was left with the question;  what was going on?  Well I listened to it, and then listened some more, and out of no where penned the experience of absorbing it all in.  That music review is homed at (Mitch McVicker review) and should have been the end of the story.  The edge didn't smooth though, so I started researching Mitch and decided to do a modest unofficial web site. With all the search engines, maybe it would point people to his official site and let the Spirit work on them for awhile.  So now here is another chapter with this music review of his new EP album.

Mitch is giving us a four song preview of his sophomore album that will be released sometime this fall. Before receiving the recording, I listened to it at his website, first on ram and then mp3.  First reaction on ram was umm... something is missing.  I downloaded the mp3 versions and got that warm OH YEAH this is awesome chills.  There was a substantial difference so if you can preview the sounds in mp3 don't bother with the ram files. The actual recording sounds are crisp, bracing and just sensational.

It's inspiring to simply enjoy this music but I dug into it for pleasure.  Listen to it and go with the Spirit and your own interpretations. Play it as background music to other projects indoors and out and let it bring you joy and comfort.

Track #1 3:41 Anything
The Lyrics just around 150 words.  Strangely I noticed that and also at first that it seemed understated and simple.  But then I started to feel the words, and yeah realize what an outstanding message of prayer to God we have been given in the Chorus.."Yeah, here's my soul, do with it what you want.. 'Cause I don't even know what I need, But I know there's so much more than I have ever thought of So I'd be happy with anything".  He ingenuously plants a memory in my mind of the verse  John 1:12  that we simply need to go to Jesus as his Children.  With my newly opened eyes, I look at the lyrics again and was moved by the trail of thoughts Mitch takes us down and the incredible beauty of it all.  The music accompanying those words are quickly contagious.  Mitch used his unique talent of toning the music down to let his voice carry the message.  Nice background mix on this along with some sounds we don't usually get, female background!

Track #2  3:11 Strength To Move
If you are just listening to the music its awesome. If you are reflecting on the lyrics, be prepared to share in some very introspective ideas.  This one was intense and I can not imagine these lyrics just popping into his head.  If they did, the Spirit was working overtime. Yes he got the chorus "And a little faith can somehow become The strength to move a mountain" straight from Matthew17:20 but wowable on the rest.  The music track to back those words scoring in with an A+, are brisk, energetic and moving.  To appreciate this song to another level, read through his lyrics filled with faith, hope and love.

Read the article where Mitch explains part of the lyrics: 
A Look Inside Strength To Move ~ Mitch McVicker

Track # 3  4:55 Burning The Fields
This track was etched in my memory right after his concert. My first thoughts were how will I ever wait to hear it again.  When Mitch played this with Brad the delivery was  exceptional.  It gave me the first longing desires for that next album.  I attacked him after a bookstore concert with WHEN IS IT COMING OUT.  "Rekindle my heart with a passion for You,  Restore my mind, take my anxious thoughts away And, Lord, make me new like only You can do". This one reminds me of being refreshed by the comfort of Gods forgiveness and being reborn again, in His eyes.   I found this verse Psalms 51:10

In this song we are asking God to do just that and we should pray that prayer daily.  Yes at times this song seems very intimate between God and Mitch.  Then however, in reflection the chorus is another heartfelt prayer we can ALL use with Him.  Lyrically there are incredible images churning through out.  His style of toning the music down to get the message across is effectively done again with amazing results.

Read an article on this song: A Look Inside Burning The Fields  ~ Mitch McVicker

Track # 4 3:32 Suits Of Skin
 By the time I got to this song, I laughed at my lyrics are simple analysis of Anything! I think Mitch may have planted that illusion to prepare us for the other three.  Imagine how lost we would be if the first book of the New Testament was Revelations?  Reading the lyrics on this one is like reading a novel.  Nothing simple about digesting this message.  Penetrating and intense they weave the image of God living inside of us and our relationships with Him.  1John 4:16"He chose to make us His home, so how can we house Him.."   I love the pace of the music on this one, and it is needed to carry off the profound poem he gives to us in Suits of Skin.  The vocals and background mixes are fantastic.

The earphones test of how this EP sounds was enlivening. Mitch's approach of doing the songs in concert before recording them, really sets them up for success in the studio.  I notice a slight difference overall in his voice between the two album's but nothing negative. In fact, his voice is a testimony to the power of God.  God did more than repair it, the quality that comes through on this recording is brilliant.  On the lyrics, they are cousins of his first recording; mature, penetrating, addicting and simply extraordinary.  Another plus is that these songs can and have been performed impressively in concerts.  Not very exciting when an artists puts all the mechanical magic spins on a song, which makes it impossible to play live for people.  Mitch has used some extra studio sounds to record them, but one of his exceptional talents is that he can get awesome results alone or with just Brad.. Sorry, Didn't mean to rename Brad to Just Brad because Mitch and Brad are very sequenced and harmonic together.  Hopefully Brad will get a compilation together soon for us.   My favorite of these four?.. you decide..

Should you buy this EP?  You'd be crazy not to.  Don't wait like I did on his first album, enjoy it today!  I'm finding Mitch's music along with so few others is helping me on my journey with God and you can not put a price on that.  The lyrics are on his Official Home Page!

Rating of this EP Album

Love had his hands
all over this second project
Gave it the up to the Mountain Tops rating


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