Mitch McVicker
 Self-Titled, re-release
Street date: 10/19/1999
1999 Rhythm House Records
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This CD was was a buried treasure!  How do you tell people you've discovered something that's not new?  I bought this CD on blind faith of a friend but was beyond awed by the experience of listening to it.  In retrospect I didn't wait for it; it waited for me.  With zero forte in writing reviews, critiquing this music was way out of my league. Yet with apprehension, I still felt compelled with the nagging urgency to share the enjoyment found in playing and sharing his music.  After you've listened to this CD for awhile, go back and really dig deep into the lyrics. There is a theme of intense love of God at every turn.  I doubt Mitch even understands how penetrating the words are to listeners and I'd like to suggest the Holy Spirit had His hands all over this project.  The lyrics leave you with a burning passion to strengthen your own relationship with God.

Track # 1 ~ 3:38 Here and Now What a stunning CD opener. The words and melody leave you hungry for the next song...and  so there's only, yeah, there's only so much we get to give ..And there's only, yeah, so many days left for us to live..So as we stare into tomorrow.. Go ahead and take hold of today.. And let our fears give way to courage..Met by the prayers that we pray....Musically, this song has complementary percussions with a mix of electric and acoustic guitar, with some bass and keyboard.  But the real instrument is Mitch's voice and they wisely tone down the music to let it shine through.  In concert this song is just as powerful with just two playing and singing.  This is a song you want to share with the world.  The message conveyed, is full of Gods Love.

Track #2  ~  3:45Take Hold of MeHere and Now flows into this like the river into the sea.  They were meant to be together and you are in for a delightful change.  Mitch starts out talking not singing and the effect is awesome.  The tune is very catchy and he continues to alternate between singing and talking the lyrics along with some amazing harmonica effects.  I love when he plays the harmonica and with ease flows into singing. And when I feel my faith is wearin' thin,  He picks me up from the floor, And gives me strength to stand...Yes while the words seems like a personal note he wrote to God, we can all use this song in our quest to ask Him to just take a hold of us.

Track # 3 ~  4:34 Gospel Rain Co-written with Rich Mullins, the lyrics, arrangement, and whole delivery of the song is Song of The Year quality. Your word is plain as the nose upon my face,  And it will remain when all else fades..Again there is so much passion for the Lord in this song. The inspiring delivery of the lyrics reveals his voice to be such a powerful instrument."And the word you speak is in the air I breathe.. It reaches deep and somethin' moves inside of me"  We have been exposed to a real Spirit mover.

Track #4 ~  5:52 She Asked Me How Mitch said this was Rich's favorite song.  You are treated to Mitch on acoustic guitar and harmonica and Rich is of course awesome on keyboard and background vocals. 'Cause there is a warm spirit of love, That settles down upon my heart,  And its cold dark lonely places..A long track at 5:32 but you won't notice that, only that it is over and are left with a strong hunger to play it again.

Track #5 ~ 4:25 Freedom  The hammered dulcimer is evident on this track along with the cello and has a spectacular introduction. In a word this is simply glorious. So I'm gonna pray I'll pray a prayer of hope, That I walk by faith through this world I used to know, And you're there you're my, Saviour to light my way. Again this is like a personal prayer, Mitch wrote to God, but it's also a prayer we can use. I don't know many Christians who haven't felt this way.

Track #6 ~ 3:07The Lemonade Song Washboard, veldhuis can by Michael Aukofer and acoustic guitar and harmonica by Mitch blend to perfection.  I can just feel God's smile on this song.  The lyrics are WOWable. I don't know much.. But I know a Love.. And one day I'll be sittin' up in heaven on an easy chair.. Sippin' lemonade, love lives there.  Penning a parable was such a pure Jesus trait, and you've got to love Mitch for this one.  He calls this his stupid song, but it is a crowd favorite with a solid Christian statement.

Track #7 ~ 5:02 Only Love WillThis country feeling type song has a lot of appeal.  Open raw emotions pour through your soul when you hear it. 'I'm startin' to wonder about ..The shape my soul is in.. And they say only time will tell.. But I say time will never take me..To that secret place I love..Where my mind is free to play with Just what I might become..If I let go of everything that I've been holdin'.. And I reach out for help.. The message burns through my soul and yet gives me chills because I feel God so close. I'm also amazed with the lyrics of this song along with New Mexico.  Both seem to have been written AFTER the accident, and because they were not are piercing and acutely profound.

Track #8 ~ 4:21 HopeBesides drums his voice alone starts this potent melody with amazing effects.  Listen carefully and you'll hear Mullins doing some background vocals. Powerful and outstanding lyrics found in the Bridge 'Cause every single day I spend, Somewhere between one hour and ten, Just lettin' my soul run around wild,  But I never cease to be amazed, How Your simple love still somehow plays,  The biggest part of all things in my life..Yeah and the message he sings..:I don't wanna live,  Don't wanna live without You, Lord .. Don't wanna live, don't wanna live down here all alone Don't wanna live without some hope ..To hang my hat on..  that is my prayer..

Track #9 ~ 5:19 My DelivererCo-Written with Rich Mullins with a spectacular delivery this version is incredible. It's the same song as the Jesus album but here it is delivered on a very mature level.  You will not be disappointed with this jewel. I vision Rich smiling at this one! I will never doubt His promise though I doubt my heart,  and I doubt my eyes..My Deliverer he is coming  he is standing by.  Quickly his version becomes addictive.  At first when heard people say yeah but, I like it the other way better. Now I find this track is gettin' over played on the CD. His voice is so effective and his concert delivery is outstanding both with and without kids.

Track #10 ~  3:43 One Of These DaysVery reflective lyrics delivered on this song.  Somehow these words have a way of wondering deep into your soul and you will find the effect sneaks up on you.  I love the chorus on this one. Maybe someday soon now I'll leave the world behind, when my weary soul learns that it has the wings to fly, And with a million angels I'll sail across the sky, into His arms of love, So I'm waitin' with all I am for that day to come.

Track #11 ~  5:03 New MexicoCo Written with Rich Mullins.  Need to quote Mitch on this one "I remember writing this song with Rich a couple years ago in our trailer in New Mexico, so the title is apropos, I guess. We were both thinking of friends back home we didn't talk to enough. It's kind of an eerie song under present circumstances."  This is beyond profound.  Hearing Mitch and Rich sing and play on this Song with such Love is just a God given gift. So I wanna thank the One who leads us..For the way that He has led..For the times we've spent together And for the times we ain't seen yet..And still somehow this is a path we must both walk alone And we can't measure the distance..But we'll treasure every step.. And I know His love will give us The strength we need to press on..So let's hold onto Him and He will show us our way home..

Oh Mitch all I can say in reflection on this album many souls will find HIS comfort and love while listen to this collection of music. The only problem I have with this CD is I can not under any situation, find a favorite.  I've tried to eliminate a song that wouldn't be a favorite and well it's hopeless.  This music is a spirit mover for me and I have enjoyed sharing it with others who have not found it yet.  So thanks Mitch for putting your heart into this project.  We have been given a spectacular collection of songs that you must, must have in your own CD in your mind.  My favorite?. you decide.. 

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  Love had His hands
   all over this project..
   were talking an ocean full of lemonade



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