New Mexico Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker and Rich Mullins

Well I've been thinkin' about you and I wish you the best
But every night I go to sleep I miss you a little less
But still somehow, I love you more with each new day
So I thought I'd write you, yeah I thought I'd send my new address
I've been starin' at your picture that's sittin' here on my desk
'Cause I thought you might be wonderin' if I'm okay

I'm alive and I'm livin'
In a place where the world's crust has shifted
And the stars in the Milky Way
They're givin' a party for New Mexico
Yes, I've come to the desert
Just to find my way to forever
And you are so welcome here
If you're ever in New Mexico

So I wanna thank the One who leads us
For the way that He has led
For the times we've spent together
And for the times we ain't seen yet
And still somehow this is a path we must both walk alone
And we can't measure the distance
But we'll treasure every step
And I know His love will give us
The strength we need to press on
So let's hold onto Him and He will show us our way home


And the stars can be so bright
The air so thin
And as I'm lookin' out tonight
I think about you lookin' for Him


Yes, you are so welcome here
If you're ever in New Mexico

Copyright © 1998 White Plastic Bag Music / Liturgy Legacy Music
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.


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