Only Love Will Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker

Well the darkness swirls around me
And it's startin' to settle down
Here among the shadows of the evening
So I'm startin' to wonder about
The shape my soul is in
And they say only time will tell
But I say time will never take me
To that secret place I love
Where my mind is free to play with
Just what I might become
If I let go of everything that I've been holdin'
And I reach out for help

Because I, I can't get my broken heart to mend
The tears I cry, they never wash away my sin
All the strength I might find, will never heal
This soul of mine, only Love will
Only His love will

So now I'm hopin' that the spirit
Will hang me out to dry
That I will listen and I'll hear him
And he will draw me to his side
And when I press my heart to His
I will find my room to breathe
With the breath that comes from heaven
And the peace we find in prayer
From a Grace that's oh so ancient
But still I know it's always here
To lift my mind above all I've been doubtin'
And move me toward belief


Yes, and I, I will never heal
This old soul of mine, only His love will
Only Love will
Only Love will

Copyright © 1998 White Plastic Bag Music
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

I asked Mitch if he could give any background on these lines in the song: 
     "So now I'm hopin' that the spirit 
     Will hang me out to dry" 

His answer at that time was:  I have never really known what those lines are 
about.  But maybe they are talking about how I go round and round in circles 
and in the end I just end up all wet.  So maybe I could find some rest and 
dry off a little if God hung me out to dry. 


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