A Look Inside the Song Strength To Move with Mitch McVicker

The question put to Mitch: What is the meaning of the second verse of "Strength To Move"?  Are you talking about feeling the presence of the Spirit.  Sensing the Spirit, without a doubt is the single most overwhelming experience, and so I'm just curious if that's what you are talking about.  Please explain what that part of the song meant for you.

     ** " Oh, there's a crack in the lampshade where the light spills forth
     And when I open my eyes I get lost
     In a quietness that burns as it silently contorts
     And I'm found within a love that's dropped
     By something greater than all my passions
     And now I feel just like a grain of sand"**

Strength To Move Lyrics

Mitch:  Basically, it was just a lot of words and images that I liked together, but now that I look at it I think maybe it does mean something:

The truth can easily be missed, but when we do notice it, it can many times overwhelm us.  Here, I refer to it as light (the bible does that often also).  A lot of times the truth doesn't work it's way inside of us unless we aren't busy clamoring around distracting ourselves from life.  And when we are quiet enough we realize that this silence, which God speaks to us from, is so very full and more active than anything else we conjure up.  And, once again, we are overwhelmed, so here, I use silence.  Being this overwhelmed can make us feel as if we are losing touch with ourselves, but in being lost we are found (which I think is totally consistent with the Gospel).  We are found by a love that is so much larger and so much greater than ourselves that we realize how tiny and insignificant we are.  So, it is all the more amazing that God has shown an interest in us.

Questioner: Thank you. That is so insightful to me now.  Very intense that you found buried in that verse such an incisive message.  You just captured another dimension to that song and I sincerely appreciate your sharing this insight.  Your answer and I'm sorry to have to use this over used word but it applies, is profound.

I wish more artists would take the time to explain verses.  But then, I guess maybe the burden is partially on listeners.  We have to ask the questions.  This is the kind of insight that needs to be shared.  It brings people to a closer relationship with God.

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