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By: Robin Woodson

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Listed below is a ranking of the non EP songs on Chasing  The Horizon.

After about twelve to fifteen rounds, here's what I've come up with so far:

1 - Emmanuel (track 1)
2 - Anything (track 7)
3 - Where did it go? (track 11)
4 - Watch over me (track 6)

5 - When You Love (track 4) - I was really trying to be unbiased regarding this one.  I like Rich's version better and had hoped Mitch would sing it the exact same way (knowing he probably wouldn't).  But remember, I'm kind of outdated.  I like Rich's 
first version of Elijah better, too.  So, it really hasn't got as much to do with the song as
it does that the person who's listening is slow to change.  But, I'll get there.

6 - Rich's Song (track 10) - Another one I had to concentrate on (so I wouldn't be biased just because of the subject matter.)  One thing I do have to say is this:  You know how when you get a "goose bump chill" - most of the time they just kind of come real fast and then they leave just as fast.  Not so with this song.  This is the first time I can ever remember standing there listening to a song and having goose bumps the entire song through.  I'd heard it  in concert and I can't remember what I thought then.  But, it's 
different standing at home listening to it.  It wasn't real emotional -  just goose bumps.

7 - Kingdom of the Heart (track 12)
8 - Upside Down (track 1)
9 - It Won't Take Long (track 8)

I didn't count Strength To Move, Burning the Fields, and Suits of Skin (tracks 2, 5 and 9) 'cause I've listened to them from the EP too many times to have an fresh ear.  I don't know where I'd place them if I had to mix 'em in with the above ones, but they'd 
be in the order I just listed them.

 I included "Anyway"  in the top part of the list even though it also was on the EP.  It 
wasn't an oversight.  I went ahead and left it in those first ones just  because it's just
TOOOO good to leave out.

I'm not a music critic.  I don't put a lot of thought into "evaluating" music and lyrics.  I just pick what sounds nice to me.  If it were up to my ears, on his next CD I'd add 
more piano, harmonica and a screamin' electric guitar with a little more edge (like on
"Freedom" and "Hope" from his first album).  But  that's just me.  I kind of like to get a little *wild* once in a  while.  Imagine that!



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