Chasing The Horizon
Music Review by song ~ by suzan

Track#1 Emmanuel 3:07If you want to feel God smiling, if you want to hear a prayer answered, listen to this stunning opening track of Chasing the Horizon.  Mitch's voice is beyond repaired,  It is soaring high with such smooth quality it will astound you.

For those of you who are new to Mitch McVicker, he was in an accident in 97 that left him in a coma, collapsed lungs, broken bones, severe head trauma and a voice with a doubtful future.  But he stood strong in his faith and went forward and wrote us a collection of songs, with the dream of someday recording them.  The tubes stuck down him, and the nerve damages done from the severe head injury were not expected to leave his voice permanently damaged.  Yet the long struggling road to its recovery brought doubts, fears and many to their knees in prayer.  Yes God listened to those prayers and His answer is so audible within this first song.
Romans 8:28   And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

The lyrics, upbeat ballad, music arrangement, trademark gifted harmonica playing blend to perfection.  This song is a celebration of rejoice that God is right here with us.  One of my favorite lines is "and I sparkle when I live my Life like I know that You are right here with us." What a bracing testimony for us to all take to heart with our Lord.  I believe these songs would have been sung even if his voice wasn't repaired.  But God decided Mitch would deliver them to us.  Yeah, our God is an awesome God.

Track #2 Strength To Move 3:11  If you ou are just listening to the music it is awesome.  If you are reflecting on the lyrics, be prepared to share in some very introspective ideas.  This one was intense and I can not imagine these lyrics just popping into his head.  If they did, the Spirit was working overtime.  Yes he got the chorus "And a little faith can somehow become the strength to move a mountain" straight from Matthew 17:20  but wowable on the rest.  Well I pondered for a while on those lyrics and finally approached him with a question on where, why, what were you thinking when they came to you.  His answer back was so profound this article  Look Inside Strength To Move ~ Mitch McVicker  was written to document his reply.  The music track to back those words scoring in with an A+, are brisk, energetic and moving.  To appreciate this song to another level, read through his lyrics filled with faith, hope and love.

Track #3 Upside Down 4:08The predominant instrument and it is played to perfection; is Mitch's vocals on this tune.  What a gift to be able to tone down the musical instruments and just let his voice shine through and carry this one.  The song is mellow, yet very satisfying.   His message delivered in the lyrics for me are from Matthew 5:3     I found this ballad to be a look inside of what is important to Mitch.  I can not envision another artist trying to deliver this song.  Some of the lyrical lines I like are I don't got the right haircut, but at least I got nice hats I don't eat at the popular restaurants, but at least I get my daily bread.  At an outdoor concert I saw him at, he wore one of those hats and we wanted to see his haircut.  Mitch was probably protecting his eyes from the sun and from having to view the future pictures that would be on the web of a wind blown and, "oh no did I look like that!"   That hat was nice, and when he took it off after the concert so was the haircut.

Track #4 When You Love 4:58You are treated to an energetic song that has a new instrument, some female background!  The musical arrangement lets the instruments capture the beat and you'll find quick addiction to the replay button on this one.  My favorite message delivered in this song is always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from:  Ephesians 5:20.  We also need to capture Mitch's message to heart when he sings  Sometimes will always be good, Even when times get hard, And when you love you get to thank the Lord above.

Track #5 Suits Of Skin 3:32  By the time I got to this song on the 4 song EP, I laughed at my lyrics are simple analysis of Anything! I think Mitch may have planted that illusion to prepare us for the other three.  Imagine how lost we would be if the first book of the New Testament was Revelations?  Reading the lyrics on this one is like reading a novel.  Nothing simple about digesting this message.  Penetrating and intense they weave the image of God living inside of us and our relationships with Him.  John 4:16 "He chose to make us His home, so how can we house Him.."  I love the pace of the music on this one, and it is needed to carry off the profound poem he gives to us in Suits of Skin.  The vocals and background mixes are fantastic.

Track #6 Watch Over Me 5:07I haven't picked a favorite on his Canticle of the Plains or the Mitch McVicker self titled CD and probable won't be able to.  On this Cd, at least at the moment, this song has captured a high favorite vote.  This song is so moving, heartfelt, with raw emotions raining out as he delivers it at a pace that just seizes your heart.  He is singing a song to God, and we can all share the lyrics in our prayer to our Lord.  I've got a real problem shedding tears and that's not a good thing.  This tune is working on my soul, and I'm almost ready to just cry again.  It is good to outpour to the Lord in your prayers,  who also gave us tears as part of the healing. The message Mitch sings: So here I am, I am struggling, and oh how I need You, Watch over me. God answers that prayer for us all in Psalms 121:8

Track#7 Anything 3:39  Oh thank you for placing this track after Watch Over Me!
The Lyrics under 150 words.  Strangely I noticed that and also at first that it seemed understated and simple.  But then I started to feelthe words, and yeah realize what an outstanding message of prayer to God we have been given in the Chorus.."Yeah, here's my soul, do with it what you want.. 'Cause I don't even know what I need, But I know there's so much more than I have ever thought of So I'd be happy with anything".He amazedly plants a memory in my mind of the verse  John 1:12 that we simply need to go to Jesus as his Children.  With my newly opened eyes, I look at the lyrics again and was moved by the trail of thoughts Mitch takes us down and the incredible beauty of it all.  The music accompanying those words are quickly contagious.  Again Mitch used his unique talent of toning the music down to let his voice carry the message.  Nice background mix on this along with that new instrument  we don't usually get, female background!

Track #8 It Won't Take Long 3:17This is pure pleasure to experience.  Another got-to-hear-it again melody.  The backgrounds are astounding on this one and very effective.  The extra music instrument touches and percussion give it charisma.  He stops all music and background at times and has his voice carry it with awe.    Mitch sings that his home is far away, but it won't take long to get there.  Incredible the image he paints in this verse Well the sea is deep and blue, And the tide goes up and down, Oh the sea is deep and blue, And the moon pulls its chain.  Down the road he must explain how this song came to him.

Track #9 Burning The Fields 4:53This track was etched in my memory right after the first concert of his I attended.  My first thoughts were how will I ever wait to hear it again.  When Mitch played this with Brad the delivery was exceptional.  It gave me the first longing desires for that next CD.  I attacked him after a bookstore concert with WHEN IS IT COMING OUT. "Rekindle my heart with a passion for You,  Restore my mind, take my anxious thoughts away And, Lord, make me new like only You can do". This one reminds me of being refreshed by the comfort of God's forgiveness and being reborn again, in His eyes.   I found this verse Psalms 51:10

In this song we are asking God to do just that and we should pray that prayer daily.  Yes at times this song seems very intimate between God and Mitch.  Then however, in reflection the chorus is another heartfelt prayer we can ALL use with Him.  Lyrically there are incredible images churning through out.  His style of toning the music down to get the message across is effectively done with spectacular results.

Track #10 Rich's Song 4:58   If you chase the horizon long enough, then you just might lose the dark.  , And you found the light or maybe it found you and I'm sorry you had to part.  Until I think about where you are.. Many people were effected by the parting of Rich Mullins.  Mitch who lost Rich as a companion, counselor, co-writer, road and home mate, and soul searcher to the Father's will; now gives us the ultimate tribute song to Rich.  I get the feeling this song is for Rich's followers as much as Rich.  The confidence is high in my mind, that Rich is going "Oh Mitch, your going to Love it up here!"  The dulcimer, dances on this tack.

Track #11 Where Did It Go? 3:25When I'm only repeating a few songs, this one is always included.  Kinda fun to make your own EP!  The beat is like a fast heartbeat, just a steady, go forward energetic pace.  Everything is effective on this ballad. So many messages from the Father are given in the lyrics. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love Corinthians 13:13   Also the message and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade--kept in heaven for you, Peter 1:4   Some of my favorite lyric lines are at the very beginning And we all want to be noticed, And we long to be seen, But at His side we have everything that we need, but still we look for more.

Track #12 Kingdom Of The Heart 4:23Oh, no.. just 12 songs?  Yes what a treat, and the last just as excellent the first.  How he picked which four to share on the EP is beyond my comprehension.  I am happy we got the preview to prepare us for what was to come.  This song exhibits it all, great lyric, music track, background vocals blending.   The chorus Sometimes this world, It spins so fast, I think I might fall off,  And sometimes it slows, To such a pace, I think it might be stalling. Mitch is going to need to work on a book someday.  His lyrics need more exposure than the CD inserts because they just say so much. Link back to full Link


Note: this review is  an overlap of the general review.  I wanted to do a general review and a detailed song by song.   Both were drafted within days of absorbing the sounds. 

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