A Look Inside:  The Lemonade Song with Mitch McVicker

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I wrote him that I would try to give his mailbox rest..but then The Lemonade Song came up.  And the Spirit was strong and I wanted some insight so I asked: 

Oh please I need some feedback from you, on this great, great parable song. 

~ Can you give me a brief message you want it to convey?

~ How, how did the concept come to you?  It's not like anything else you've done.   Did you feel strongly motivated to write it that way?

~ Can you please, please not get tired of singing it for us?

Mitch responded:   I don't expect to get tired of playing the lemonade song.  I think I like it a lot more than people realize.  It still moves me.  I still love to hear the story.

The song just kind of happened.  I sat down to play the guitar, and I just started playing through this chord progression.  And I have no idea why it swung.  That is the only thing I've done that swings.  Then I just began humming nonsense words to the melody that already seemed to be there.   Some of the nonsense words formed a line about lemonade, an easy chair, and heaven.

It was stupid...it was silly...and I thought, yeah this is what life is all about.  Life can be hard, but there is an easy chair.  Life can be sour, but lemonade is sweet.  Life can be hell, but there is a heaven.

And I am just so sick of the arrogance that people take with them down their spiritual path.  I think it is a sense of fear that causes people to mask their actual condition with an aura of got-it-togetherness.  What I like about Jim, is that he knows he is far from having it all together, but that's ok.  He is more interested in being true to himself and who he is being made into, than being a squeaky clean mannequin. 

So it comes down to this...we wouldn't try to be such perfect little mannequins, if we were more interested in living to please God rather than man.  God is rather unimpressed with us.  It is humans that are impressed.  Yet, it is God that is crazy about us.

Jim is unaffected by his hard, sour, sometimes hellish existence.  He is merely excited to participate in God's crazy love.  He is just satisfied to try to love in the same way.

Jim is a guy that I will spend my whole life trying to be like.  ~ Mitch McVicker



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