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Chasing the Horizon
Mitch McVicker
Out of the Box (Grassroots Music Distribution)
7-14797-0063-2-8 CD only
Singer/songwriter Mitch McVicker’s sophomore project, Chasing the Horizon, takes listeners on an introspective journey, invoking God’s presence in the midst of his experiences.

The result is 12 original, reflective acoustic guitar-based, pop/folk songs that aim to share the gospel message and offer the hope found in Christ to listeners worldwide.

As a follow-up to his self-titled debut, Chasing the Horizon continues to distinguish McVicker as a solo artist. This project shares more songs he penned, including, “Upside Down,” “Strength to Move” and “Anything.”
Friend Rich Mullins’ influence abounds in McVicker’s approach, especially on highlights like McVicker’s rendition of Mullins’ “When You Love,” and on the song he wrote for his friend and mentor, “Rich’s Song.”
As the lyrics of “Rich’s Song” relate: “I’m sorry you had to part/until I think about where you are/you stepped behind a veil/and then you just went on in/but you were here for a little while/and that was such a gift.”

Produced by Ragamuffin Mark Robertson, Chasing the Horizon offers well-written songs that genuinely appeal to listeners and encourage them in a deeper Christian walk.

Audiences who appreciate pop/folk music will applaud McVicker’s sophomore effort.