Chasing the Horizon - First Net Christian
Chasing the Horizon
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Artist(s): Mitch McVicker

Release Date: 10 April, 2001

Manufacturer: White Plastic Bag Music

Sales Rank: 174,496

Media: Audio CD

Sale Price: $17.98
1. Emmanuel
2. Stength to Move
3. Upside Down
4. When You Love
5. Suits of Skin
6. Watch over Me
7. Anything
8. It Won't Take Long
9. Burning the Fields
10. Rich's Song
11. Where Did It Go?
12. Kingdom of the Heart

  Reviews from Customers for Chasing the Horizon

Rating: 5
Summary: A Growing Process...
Comment: I first heard Mitch live a few years ago, and am constantly impressed with his use of meaningful lyrics. I own both this cd and his previous one. This cd is a great musical reflection of Mitch's growth process both as a performer and an individual. On this cd, he continues his use of lyrics which speak to the listener's heart. This cd also showcases the development of his unique style. He has been compared to Rich Mullins, as well he should be, for the influences are there. However, on this cd, Mitch is proving that while Rich was and is a great influence on him, he is his own artist with his own style. The musical sound on this cd is also a plus, with the unique sound of Mitch's voice added in with the hammer dahlsamer(not sure of the spelling on that!), and the variety of percussion used. If you like a positive message with thought provoking lyrics, check out this cd.
Rating: 4
Summary: Midwestern acoustic pop-rock from a friend of Rich Mullins
Comment: Mitch McVicker, the hard-working singer/songwriter with the folksy, Midwest acoustic sound, releases Chasing the Horizon, a collection of songs born of life experiences. Teaming with talented musicians such as Phil Madeira on keys, Rick Elias on guitars, and Steve Hindalong on percussion, producer and bassist Mark Robertson helps McVicker craft a project tailored to fans of light, guitar-based country-flavored tunes focused on heartfelt lyrics.

McVicker makes a tribute to the late Rich Mullins on "Rich's Song" complete with dulcimer licks. The whole album has a Mullins feel that will make the listener miss ol' Rich all over again. Other highlights on the CD are "Suits of Skin" and "Anything," a rolling tune that will make you feel like you're driving through the plains of America's heartland. The pithy lyric on "Anything" says:

I'll take the scraps that fall to the floor / 'Cause all the meals I fix for myself / Leave me wanting more

The remaining !songs are equally meaty. Stellar musicians offer solid performances, yet most of the songs don't have the "killer hook" that would otherwise make this a stellar project. No one can replace Rich Mullins, but Mitch McVicker continues the legacy of songwriting craftmanship Mullins left behind. Although it won't set the world on fire, Chasing the Horizon will satisfy fans who enjoy McVicker's laid back style and thoughtful lyrics.