His mission is threefold:  to introduce people to Jesus for the first time, to wake up
those who have become apathetic in their faith and to nurture mature believers.

This support site is copyright @2000-2021

This support site is copyright @2000-2021
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Underneath is out!  I am extremely pleased with it and I am excited for you to hear it!  These days, "out" means that Underneath is available at, on itunes (and other internet digital music sites), and at concerts.  There is some in-store distribution that is pending. 

This spring, my concert schedule will, once again, have me criss-crossing the country.  Hopefully, the Underneath tour will come your way.  I would love to see you at a concert. 

Thank you all for your gracious support of this my ninth album.  I am moved that so many of you decided to partner with me in Underneath's creation process.  Now, it just comes down to creating some awareness and getting it out there!  When one believes in something, one wants as many people as possible to know about it...and that is definitely the case with Underneath. 

In a week or two, "Savior, Savior" will be the first song released to radio for airplay.  Who knows what lies ahead?  But this is one aspect that could definitely help in creating awareness for Underneath.  I will let you all know when "Savior, Savior" is "hitting" radio.

I look forward to our continued partnership and to what Underneath is yet still becoming.


The time has come to record once again.  This new recording will be called  "Underneath".  Unlike like my last two CDs, which only had a few songs, "Underneath" will consist of 10 songs. 
I believe "Underneath" will be my best recording to date.  The release date is coming soon.  "Underneath" will be out February 22.

Much of this record deals with the practical, earthy truths and the mysterious beauty of the kingdom of God.  The songs have been inspired by Jesus' sermon on the mountain, in which he teaches that the kingdom of God does not lie on the surface.  And that's the main theme you will find running through "Underneath" 

I NEED you in order to make "Underneath".  I have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds that I will need to pull this off. 

 believe in "Underneath".  I believe you will like this album and like being a part of it's creation.  In making a financial donation in support of "Underneath", you are not merely investing in the record are taking ownership. This is your album.  I will do my very best...but this is yours.  We are in this together.

I have invested much of myself into "Underneath...creatively, artisistically, musically, and monetarily.  This is something I WILL do.  But the level to which I am able to do it will be determined by the graciousness of givers.  This project is something I HAVE to do. I am compelled to do this, driven to do this, and dare I say, called to do this.

Please go to the side link on the left  and consider partnering with me in the creation of "Underneath"

The money that is raised will go towards several things.  It will fund using a top of the line studio, a first-class sound engineer, wonderful musicians and their travel expenses, and a great job mixing and mastering the CD.  It is going to fund the design, packaging, and physical manufacturing of "Underneath".  And, it will make promotional efforts (getting word out about "Underneath") possible. 

othing that I have mentioned above will be done half-way.  I have been entrusted to do this, and like I said, I want to do the best I possibly can.  But, this is yours. To one degree or another, we are all walking through the kingdom of God...which is not on the surface...just like this recording. 

All of my past records have seemed to have flown under the radar and turned into sort of underground movements.  "Underneath" will be no different...I believe this will be the case, more than ever.  After all, that is the very theme of the this record. 

When the monetary goal is surpassed, it will not only make for a better recording, but it will initiate better marketing and promotion, higher quality manufacturing, and more extensive touring.  I will be overwhelmed with gratitude.  Yet, I will not be altogether surprised...based upon the level of gracious support I have received in the past!  So, once again, what "Underneath" becomes will be determined by your "givingness".

I am recording "Underneath" at Greenjeans Studios in Kansas. I am benefiting from the wonderful musicianship of players; Michael Aukofer, Carter Green, and Dave Sprinkle. I have no doubt that "Underneath" will be as artful and creative as anything I have done...maybe more so.  These guys are all accomplished multi-instrumentalists.  We are coming together from all over.  Michael is coming from his home in Chicago, Carter hails from Kansas, Dave is coming in from his home in Arizona, and I will be coming from Atlanta. 

I would be moved to partner with you in the creation of "Underneath".  Many of you have been super supportive of me in the past...and I am so very grateful. 

I can't wait for "Underneath". Let's create it together.  It is quite possible that we are never more like our Creator than when we are creating. 

Some Exciting News! - June 2012
Film maker David Schultz, founder of Color Green Films, is directing a full-length feature film on the life of Rich Mullins. The film is called Ragamuffin and will be filmed this summer. Several of the concerts on the summer leg of Mitch McVicker's Walking Through the Dark tour will be used in the filming of the movie. Come to one of these concerts and you just might find yourself in the movie. To learn more about the film visit

.Ragamuffin's film crew will utilize approximately a dozen of Mitch's summer concerts to film the movie's various concert scenes.  The tour's concert venues and audiences will be used as Ragamuffin's actors, Rich and his band, play a couple songs. The songs will be filmed live and this will all be, in essence, a 20-30 minute opening act. 

I am excited to begin…again. Yet, my resolve remains the same.  My mission is steadfast.  I am undistracted from my purpose.  This journey is not new. But now, with "Walking Through the Dark", I am taking a fresh approach. The new CD, and the tour that is coinciding, is the latest installment in my exploration of what it means to live in the Kingdom of God. I look forward to partnering with you on this journey.  For, we are all on the same journey. We are all wanting and needing to become more our true-selves and walk through the Kingdom in a real way. 

After nearly four years of doing solo concerts, Mitch will be joined onstage by a supporting musician this summer. Dave Sprinkle will play bass, keys, percussion, and guitar. This will add yet another interesting layer to Mitch's already dynamic concerts. You don't want to miss this!

Mitch and Dave's friendship goes back a long way. Dave is a missionary who runs a traveling music school for Navajo and Apache kids in Lakeside, Arizona. This vision was first expressed by Rich Mullins in the years Rich and Mitch were roommates on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico while doing concerts and writing songs together. A traveling music school, on the reservation, never became a reality for Rich. However, Dave and Lisa Sprinkle have brought the vision to life and call the school Hope in Transit. Visit to learn more about the Sprinkles' ministry. 

The Walking Through the Dark tour will also feature Cadee. Her debut CD, Sew in the Seems, produced by McVicker, showcases Cadee's youthful, yet mature, songwriting and singing, and her classically-trained piano playing. You can find out more about Cadee at her website,


Mitch McVicker  Walking Through the Dark 
Though it is a mini-CD, Walking Through the Dark is an epic effort. It is Mitch McVicker’s 
second release in what has become his series of smaller offerings, produced more frequently. 

According to McVicker, Walking Through the Dark is the only title that fits this collection of 
songs at this point in his life. It is the result of observations made over his 15-year, 8-CD, and 
1200-concert career. 

He says, “I have communicated with people from every region of the country, social circle, age group, and economic situation. I’ve learned that everyone’s life is hard and that we all have mountainous difficulties. It seems we are all made up of a combination of faith, hope, and love AND doubt, confusion, and darkness.” 

McVicker once again traveled to Greenjeans studios in Wellington, KS, sat in the producer’s 
chair, and called on ultra-talents Michael Aukofer and Carter Green. The three of them locked the doors and immersed themselves in the recording of the 5-song CD. 

The opening track, “Here Comes the Day”, combines aggressive rock, folk, and even hip-hop , as McVicker proclaims in the chorus “the darkest night gets shined away”. Over the dream-like groove of “Awaken Me to Love”, McVicker sings “I’m moving past my best-foot-forward 
standing, instead I’ll recall what’s been in my soul all along”. In “My Salvation”, which is likely 
to become one of his earth-pop anthems, McVicker testifies to God, “You’re the tune I’m 
whistling when I’m afraid. So I’ll cling to You when I can’t see”.“As I look around my world, often I find myself thinking we’re just a bunch of pretenders”, 
McVicker says. “Faith does not mean neat, nor is goodness synonymous with comfort. Living a life of hope does not mean living a life of clarity, free of questions and confusion. Following 
Jesus, and living out our call to love, surely doesn’t alleviate pain and doubt. We do our best to hang on and walk through the Kingdom of God with the shoes we’ve got. And many times, it’s dark”. 

McVicker’s journey began by doing concerts, writing songs, and being roommates with the late, great Rich Mullins. The two of them garnered a Dove award for penning the song, “My 
Deliverer”. McVicker was in the car-wreck that took Mullins’ life, and he was left with broken 
bones, collapsed lungs, a coma-induced head injury, and a long recovery. 

Yet, McVicker, a Kansas native now residing in Atlanta with his family of six, asks, “Who 
doesn’t go through struggles and find themselves wandering what is going on? Questions mount as hard times increase and difficulties grow”. McVicker states as bluntly as he can, “If you say to yourself that doesn’t describe me, and things aren’t hard like that for me; I say, you are one of the pretenders”. 

McVicker believes most people find themselves walking through the dark. “The faithful person continues to walk when he or she cannot see”, he says. And, he reminds us that we are merelywalking through the dark. “There is a light shining just past the dark. There is another side.” 

Monday, September 6, 2010 -

Here it is, Everything Shines! 

I am trying something new.  I just released a mini-CD called Everything Shines.  It is a 3-song CD, and it is not a "pre" to something bigger.  It is its own thing.  Sonically, it is as good as the longer CDs I have done in the past.  Everything Shines, is made up of three new songs that I have no intention of recording again.  So, there is nothing more coming, except for the next mini-CD. 

I am still on the Always Believe Tour.  Always Believe is still my "new record".  But now there is a bonus...Everything Shines.

This is my new approach.  Instead of waiting three years to record 12 songs on a long CD, I am going to record 3-song mini-CDs every nine months.  For me, and hopefully for those of you that come to concerts and listen to my music, it will keep things more vibrant.  There will be no lull or waiting period for the "next thing".  The next thing will always be happening. (and, not to mention, a lot cheaper)  It is my intention to have new recorded music every year.  The concerts I do are always morphing, changing and growing, and now the CDs I record will be a reflection of that as well. 

I think this is a closer representation of God's activity in our lives.  With God, the next thing is constantly happening.  God is always at work on us...ever-molding us, ever-shaping us, ever-making us.  Sure, we can settle into the mundane and take it all for granted, but then we are not taking advantage of the opportunity and the gift that the Grower and Giver graces us with.  But as we become our true-selves, the "next thing" is a constant.

So here it is!  Everything Shines. 

It is my prayer that I will always believe that everything shines.  This record is the next successive step.  After listening rather intently, one listener said that "Renovate Me", the opening song on Everything Shines, is a continuing thought of "Fifteen Minutes", the opening song on Always Believe.  I smiled.

Everything Shines is my most recent "new record"...with more to come

Peace of Christ

Message from Mitch, August, 2009:

Aug 25, 03:04 PMAlways Believe will be released on September 8 (I know, I know…nothing like letting you know at the last minute…but I wanted to make sure everything was lined up and going to happen for sure).

I have never been more excited about a CD, and the possibilities that come with it’s release. It has taken a while, but everything has come together in a way for this to truly be a great situation.

Always Believe will be released through Out of the Box Records and distributed by Bema Direct. As of Sept. 8, it will be available at all concerts and at (which is being revamped as we speak, and will reflect the themes of Always Believe very soon) It will be available at major Christian bookstores (and many not-so-majors…as I would have it no other way) and on all internet digital music sites (such as itunes, etc) by mid to late September.

As I said, I am excited. This CD means a ton to me. I believe in the songs. I believe in their message. I believe in the music. I believe in the artwork. I believe in the making of the whole thing. The recording process was a beautiful experience filled with hard work and creativity. The process of God-making-us was laced through the whole project.

Always Believe was my first crack at producing. I co-produced it with my great friend Michael Aukofer. We decided to record in a small, but stunning, studio in the little rural Kansas town of Wellington. It was the most creative process I have ever been a part of. 

Always Believe’s first radio single, “Goodness”, will be released in a couple weeks. You can support the cause by contacting your local, or favorite, station and requesting the song. As I have come to find out, and many of you also know, getting a song played at radio is a huge, steep mountain to climb. 

On a side note… posted Alway’s Believe’s “15 Minutes” on it’s website a few weeks ago. This makes it available to radio stations in heirchex’s network to download and play. I am unsure as to how much this has been happening, but I am grateful for their support. So who knows? You may hear both “15 Minutes and “Goodness”

On September 10, I will begin the Always Believe Tour, which will coincide with the release of the CD. I would love to see any and all of you at a concert somewhere along the way.

For tour dates, check out:
mitch mcvicker music fans on facebook
You do what you can, ya know? I am just trying to remain faithful to what the Lord is doing in me…and keep moving forward. From the start, my prayer for this record has been that it would be a kingdom success. That seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But probably only in as much as it is vastly different from what the world calls successful.

Let me say it again, I am excited about Always Believe. I can’t wait to share it with you. We are all in this together. I couldn’t do any of this apart from your support and your prayers. 

Peace of Christ

Below is the track listing for Always Believe…
1 15 Minutes
2 Lay Me Down
3 You Move My Heart
4 Layers
5 Plastic Horses
6 Guided By Love
7 Eenie Meenie
8 Closer
9 Soon It’ll All Be
10 Point
11 Collide
12 Goodness
13 Shiny Love
14 Little Girl


I wanted to give you a quick update...

I am in the process of finalizing the tour schedule for this fall.  I will be doing 35 concerts as the tour will take me to 15 states and Canada.  I am greatly looking forward to getting to do exactly what I need to do at this time in my life.  Who knows how long the Lord will see fit for me to continue to do this?  But, right now, there is nothing else I would or could do.  This is what I am "set up" to be doing.

Once again, I will be taking a simple approach to concerts.  I’ll be traveling with fellow musician Matt Wilson (bass, upright bass, percussion, guitar) and Kevin Synan on the sound board.  I have been told that I am doing the best concerts I have ever done.  I know this...the songs are speaking more than ever and the message is going forth strong. 

I have begun making plans for my 5th studio recording.  The recording process will start this winter and it is my goal to have the CD finished and "ready to go" by the late-summer of 2009.  I am excited to share the new songs that have developed and share from the place the Lord has presently brought me to. 

I could not do any of this apart form you.  Your support, your prayers, your financial gifts mean a ton to me.  Your this music ministry I have been blessed priceless.

I will continue to do what I can to direct people's attention towards Jesus...through concerts and through recordings.  It is an honor to have you along for the journey.

Peace of Christ

April 3, 2008:
Greetings from Iowa…

Things are going very well on the 2008 spring leg of the Love Will Rise tour. 

We have just had a couple days off to catch our breath after doing 5 concerts in four days to begin the tour.

We begin again tonight in Marshalltown, IA.

I believe we (Adam Jeffrey, Matt Wilson, Kevin Synan) are doing something really good.   I am working hard to point people towards Jesus with these concerts.  I think the message is going forth. 

We have one more week left before we all get to go home for a few days.  It will be a blessing to get to be around my precious family.  Presence is a powerful communicative force.  While I am grateful for the various means of communication that are available to me to use on the road, I have learned that phone calls, emails, and text messages fall way short of being in the same place at the same time.

Please pray for me (for all of us) as I continue to move forward, regardless of circumstances, and attempt to make a dent for the kingdom. 

Your continued support means a ton to me.  It is a great honor to partner in ministry with you. 

Peace of Christ


I have some exciting news to share.  It is my  hope and prayer that it is also exciting for you.

It is now possible to make a tax-deductible  contribution to my musical-ministry endeavors.   This means that upon making a donation, you will receive a receipt for your tax records.

I recently became one of the charter members of CIA (Christian Independent Alliance).  It is through the CIA website that your contribution is made.  CIA is set up as a 501c3, therefore donations are tax-deductible and receipts can be issued.

Your contribution does not  go to CIA's general fund.   Rather, the money goes into an account that is designated solely for my ministry.  This way all the contributions are accounted for, earmarked for ministry-oriented use, and sent to me. 

We will truly be partners together in ministry. Over the years, many of you have been financially supportive through your generosity in many ways without having record of it. Now this is possible through an exciting development.  In the past,  I have been unable to develop a scenario to make tax-deductible support possible, now CIA is simply enabling me to present this as an option.

Please know that your contribution will not go towards diapers, movies, or carpet cleanings.  Rather it will be in direct support of my calling.  It will help fund things such as:
-Tour and travel expenses-Musical and sound equipment
-Tour Vehicle maintenance 
-Payments to tour musicians
-Promotional efforts (radio, publicity,
 press/info packets, posters)
-Recording costs

Just click on the link at the very bottom of this mailing (I am cyber- challenged, so if I have failed to enable this function, just please type in the address). You will be taken to CIA’s home page.  Go to the top of the page and click on "members".  I believe I am the first member listed.  Next to my photo, at the end of the short paragraph, you can click where it says "donation". (You do not have to be a PayPal member). 

This site is very user friendly, and I can really appreciate the short amount of time that it takes to fill out the simple form and complete this process.  It only takes a minute.

A little background about my situation…to hopefully bring some clarity to the reason I am asking for your financial support.

For all intents and purposes, I am independent. This is nothing new, rather, it’s the position I have been in for most of my career.

I funded my latest CD, Love Will Rise, and gave it to Surrogate Records in return for promotion.  Their role was to promote Love Will Rise in ways that I could not.  As many of you know, Surrogate Records and has been unable to put what they had committed to and intended to into the life of the CD due to financial difficulties. 

Please understand that I am NOT badmouthing Surrogate.  I am thankful for our relationship and for the hearts behind the company.

Many good things are happening for Love Will Rise in the worlds of radio and publicity.  It costs money to keep that momentum going.  Surrogate introduced me to those "worlds" like never before, but now I am funding those pursuits myself. 

This (along with the general operating expenses that have always existed) has motivated me to call on the generosity I have experienced from so many of you in the past. 

This is my vocation.  I have no other source of  income. 

This is an investment in me.  I take that very seriously.  Why?  Because it is actually an investment in what the Lord is doing.  The Lord has given much.  The Lord has entrusted me with gifts.  Now, you are coming along side me to encourage and enable my response to God's faithfulness.

Your tax-deductible support can be a one-time donation, or it can be long term.

If you are willing to commit to making a contribution each month, each quarter, bi-yearly, yearly, etc, simply respond to this email and let me know of what you are willing to invest and what time  frame you would prefer to use.  A reminder email  (that will double as a general update) will be sent to you at the first of each month.

This is not in the name of business.  Rather, it is in the name of being faithful to what the Lord is doing in me.  I am not interested in riches or fame (If I were, I would find something else to do).  I am trying to make a dent for the Kingdom. 

The world is used by money.  Contrarily, the Kingdom of God uses money to further itself.  It is  for this reason that I believe money is even more  important in the Kingdom of God and needed even  more than it is in the world.  I want to be about  the building of the Kingdom.

It costs money to make a dent.  We are told in the scriptures that the return is a hundred fold.  I would be honored if you came along side to partner with me in this work. 

God uses us all in different ways.  I am ecstatic to be used in this manner.  God calls us all in different ways to different things.  I am grateful for the Call. 

I don't use the word “call” in a  hyper-spiritual way, but in the way Frederich Buechner  defines the word.  He says, our call happens when the  world's greatest need and our greatest joy meet.

For me, that's it.  I know the last thing the  world needs is another Christian musician.  But, I  DO KNOW the world needs the truth.  I am using the  means I have been given to put the truth out  there and direct people's attention towards the  truth.  I love doing this.

Thank you in advance.  Please ponder prayerfully…

I am grateful for whatever you can contribute to  what I am doing…for whatever you can contribute  to what the Lord is doing.

Peace of Christ

Press Release:  Mitch McVicker To Release "Love Will Rise" On September 18th


Nashville, TN (Jun 28, 2007) - Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter Mitch McVicker has announced the upcoming release of his latest CD, Love Will Rise, on September 18, 2007. The CD will be the debut project for the newly formed Surrogate Records label and will be distributed through TAG Artist Group. Weaving a theme of truth and love throughout the project, McVicker pours his heart and soul into this 13-song declaration of faith. 
Almost ten years ago, McVicker nearly lost his life in the same tragic accident that claimed his best friend, Rich Mullins. Battered and broken, McVicker's road to recovery was arduous and laced with obstacles both great and small. Victories were often counter-balanced by setbacks, yet it was through this season of wrestling with God that he earned the right to limp. "At times I've alternately been criticized and complemented for being something of a Lone Ranger," McVicker explains. "That is still a struggle for me. But during this season of my life I've been forced to accept the fact that we all need each other. We are built for community. When Jacob wrestled with the angel, he walked away with a limp. That makes perfect sense to me now. We can't walk upright without leaning on someone else."

It was that realization that compelled McVicker to take a sabbatical from his rigorous 200-days-on-the-road regimen and concentrate his attention on his new family. Ironically, it was also the catalyst for a whole new collection of songs that comprise his new album, Love Will Rise. McVicker points to the works of Brennan Manning, John Piper and the Apostle Paul as inspiration for many of the songs on the album and for a number of "selah" moments in his personal faith journey.

While McVicker insists he never set out to make a thematic album, when it was all said and done, there was an overarching theme that suffused every song on the project. It was about being born again, about becoming, about the all-sufficiency of love. From the joyful, acoustic guitar strumming of "Hallelujah," with its gentle exhortation to "Turn your face to morning's blaze, May your day be graced by love," to the purely vertical rock worship anthem, "Wonderful," McVicker embraces the goodness of God throughout this new project.

The sense of being driven by love to declare the truth permeates Love Will Rise and compels Mitch McVicker to leave the sunshine and gentle breezes of his Georgia home and the loving arms of his family and once more take to the road to share his songs with loyal fans and unsuspecting strangers. "I went from being a young, traveling, play-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy to a family man," McVicker says. "Now I've got a lot more responsibility. It has been a great growth process. But this career or music ministry, or whatever term you want to tag it, is very important to me. I believe it is a call. I know the last thing the world needs is another Christian musician. But I also know that the world needs the truth. So I'm using the means that have been given to me to see that that happens a little bit."

Formed in 2004, TAG Distribution offers a home to new and established artists who are ministering on a national level and are having a national impact. As the fastest growing independent Christian distributor, TAG Distribution is home to Phil Keaggy, Ashley Cleveland, Dino, Cheri Keaggy, Bryan Duncan, Cherie Adams and Bloodgood; as well as Sean Smith, Tara Leigh Cobble, JJ Heller, Matt Brouwer, Cam, J-Roc, Matt Earl, Ill Harmonics, Clay Crosse, Randy Stonehill, John Cox, Greg Troyer and Janelle.

Love Will Rise, is the fifth record in McVicker’s growing discographyand has been consistently acclaimed as his best work to date. Hecontinues to write deeply honest, introspective, and catchy songs,with his award winning, chart-topping songwriting as a constant.Love Will Rise marks the first time Mitch has teamed up with producerNathan Nockels, who crafted nine songs, and Margaret Becker, whoput her stamp on four tracks.It was Rich Mullins who introduced Mitch to the contemporaryChristian music world as he traveled, did concerts, and wrote songswith Mullins for 2 years. During that time, Mitch and Rich wrote,“My Deliverer”, a Dove Award winning Song of the Year. However,in 1997, tragedy struck. As the two traveled to a concert, theirvehicle overturned. Rich Mullins was killed, and Mitch was left withserious injuries. During his two year recovery period, thousands uponthousands of people around the country rallied to pray for and upliftMitch. Where he is today is nothing short of a miracle.Now, Mitch is glad to have Love Will Rise as a current representationof his present situation as he continues to bring his music, his heart,and his life to you. He sums it up, “I will use this opportunity to placeJesus right at the front of people’s conscience. Life is a wonderfulblessing…and it is filled with troubles. But I want to remind peoplethat love will rise”

Without Looking Down establishes Mitch as a timeless singer-songwriter.  His unpretentious pop-rock tunes transparently display his desire for God's grace and peace in his life. He is an unparalleled songwriter, one of considerable skill, imagination, and vision.  The poetic lyrics are soul revealing, the music contagious, the vocals gifted.  Mitch comments,"I'm trying to focus on my flight towards God without looking down at my doubts and fears. We all have these doubts and fears and we tend to focus too much on them.  I want to not look down, but instead look towards my God."
Mitch is a songwriter profoundly gifted in encouraging others to walk boldly with Jesus.  Lyrically, musically and vocally he uses the gifts God gave him to perfection.

He is the 1999 Dove Award winner for Song of the Year ~ My Deliverer  (co-written with Rich Mullins."If I could become poor in spirit, if I could remain empty, then the true light of the world could shine through me and I, literally, would never walk in darkness, as scripture promises. No longer would I inhibit the light from shining on my path by being so cluttered that I cast a shadow over the path the light is trying to illuminate. I am trying to live as humanly as possible, as God created me to live. Yes, I want to be fully human because I want to be like Jesus." ~ mitch mcvickerClick here for Concert and Ticket                       Information

"The theme that runs through my music is that the love of God is stronger than anything else we will come up against.  We human beings are imperfect but God is perfect and He will complete a good work in us one day.  With my future performances and albums, I would like to point to Jesus and His love for us.  A love that is unwavering, tough, and bigger than we are."
Peace in Christ  ~

To support his ministry, order music and the book directly from the official
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