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These lyrics are poetry.  The music adds flavor and dimension and avenues of wonder to explore, but the poetry stands strong on its own.  Special article:

Always Believe
Music Review &  Lyrics
Words & Music by Mitch McVicker
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White Plastic Bag Music
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Lyrics reprinted by permission from Mitch Mcvicker

Always Believe


#1   15 Minutes #8    Closer
#2    Lay Me Down #9    Soon Itíll All Be
#3   You Move My Heart #10  Point
#4   Layers #11  Collide
#5   Plastic Horses #12  Goodness
#6   Guided By Love #13  Shiny Love
#7   Eenie Meenie #14  Little Girl
Always Believe - Music review:
#1   15 Minutes    Is another music adventure in the talents of this artist, that continues to deliver dynamic storytelling abilities, backed by vocals and musical arrangements that would envy any songwriter.  He penned a collection of songs, that could be a novel.  He chooses his words carefully, and the results are a crafted masterpiece to be enjoyed.   "I've been a scoundrel/ Living down by the quarry/  But you life me up the hill/  Now you're making more of me, then I thought I'd ever be.."

#2    Lay Me Down    Music flows through Mitch's soul, and then, when he is satisfied with it, It develops into a song that get's shared with  us.   He  blends a catchy, melodic track on this one.  " I don't need new information/ I don't need fresh fangeled plans/ I just got into a situation by rushin'/ O but I'm alright/ Cos I'll be free/  When my mind believes in the mercy that is leading me."  The lyrics are are a wonderful conversation with God.  He always exposes his soul full force.    Results, songs that  are strong  and powerfully written.

#3   You Move My Heart  That it starts with harmonica...  and that alone moves my soul... Sentimental moments aside, this is another well crafted composition.  He has the rhythmic and lyrical balance along with his passionate vocal delivery on this song.  "Your mercy is wide/  The cushion provides/  A place for my sin to land and die/  And for faith to take fight." 

#4   Layers     "Underneath layers of myself/ You're stealing away the sin I've built/ Like starts upon ocean waters dance/ And it's make me true to who I am."  Colorful rhythmic dynamics are the soul of this song.   It has beautiful and powerful melody.  Repeat happens when you listen to Mitch's music.  It's often hard to go on to the next track.

#5   Plastic Horses  You almost feel like your in the living room of this artist at a private concert.  Where he finds the lyrics to melt into the music often leaves me in the land of Oz of wonder.  The growing stain/ Of the material/ It's the cellophane/  Of the imerial/ It measures all of us/ By what we got / But I shall not want.."  He amplifies a thousandfold, what a creative mind, left with a guitar and gumption can produce into a ballad.  It is very, very addictive.

#6   Guided By Love  "May the fragrance of forgiveness stay with ya/  All the day long/  May the taste of tender mercy remain/  On the tip of your tongue."    There is something ferocious and grandiose about this song.  Poetic, yes.. but also such a weaved story and prayer for others in their walk of faith.

#7   Eenie Meenie   Turning this childhood string of words into a prayer is ever so joyful.  "Eenie meenie mynie mo/  I'm turning from that glitterin gold/  Ashes ashes all fall down/ Come on Lord bring your King roun..."  This song has an entrancing, pounding track that will dance in your soul.. you will want to share it with others and smile as they hear it.  Mitch always has reflected diverse zeal and energy  with seemingly endless feet to go on down different paths to create his music.

 #8    Closer    "If i drive too fast/ Pull me over/ If I fly I wanna land in a field of rest/ Draw me closer/ Draw me closer to you."  Again another  artful  and humble expression of his own walk in faith.   His songwriting is often unconventional..  as he captivates each song as a father would embrace each and every child anew.   Sameness, only in that his vocals are unmistakable, even with the wide range he gives us.

#9    Soon Itíll All Be "Towers fall, bodies bleed/ Storms roll across the beach/ Waters rise to swallow towns/ Even faith filled eyes can cloud."  The lyrics, are a novel.  War and peace length with so few words.  Read these lyrics, and then listen to the music.  His amazing musicianship and inventive writing are trademarks of this artist. 

#10  Point     There are no trendy musical trappings in Mitch's music.  Each song delivered, live, or on track, bring forth energy and amaze. He resonates passion in his walk of faith, and you want to get on that road with him, and point other's to Jesus..  and yes his simply want.. is to point people to Jesus.   "The birds sail high than a thousand skies/ My pale, pale skin glows in your sunlight/  The contrails go streaking across the blue/  And all things point to You.."

#11  Collide  Always believe..  Two words to hang your soul on...   Mitch has a way of expressions of confidence and comfort in his music.  "The atmosphere is vast and wide/ There's much more here than black and white/ It's grown so small to newer be known/ Yet so very grand to never let go..   His insightful songwriting makes his artistry stand out once again.

#12  Goodness   Vocals that dance at you at levels of excellence.  Melody and emotions are always plentiful in his music.  This is a wonderful prayerful song.   "I sing for you Lord/ I bring you my best/  Like rain you pour out goodness..."  This is a beautifully written song full of hope.  Simply put.. it is impressive.

#13  Shiny Love  The song being played of Mitch's music, is what his fans often say are their favorite.  This one is going to get lots of spins.   It has such catchy sound... you need to listen to it more then once before going onto the next treasure.   He delivers intelligent lyrics and an out of the box mentality trademarked by his talents.  "I got the new wine/ I got the new clothes/ I got the new life/ Different from the old/  I got the new car/ Don't need no warranty plan/ Cos I got the new heart/ With each new day beginnin'...."

#14  Little Girl  This is for Brooklyn, his beautiful little girl..  I'm sure she often doesn't get why he needs to do ministry on the road, with so many churches close by.  He has a calling, and still hears the need to go forth.  People are so effected by this artist.  So the price is paid by spreading the gospel tenfold.  New people are exposed to his ministry because of his road travel... but more importantly, they are exposed to God.   They wonder, why this talented man, is a road warrior..  they wonder..  "But more than anything else know your loved/ Beyond These words fill my arms, they're wrappin you up/  More than anything else feel your loved/  Beyond this world know my love for you little girl.."   And in reality, substitute child for the word girl.. and that  my friend is what God is saying to all of us..... 

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