Always Believe Ė Track 2 Ė Lay Me Down 5:19

I donít need new information
I donít need fresh fangled plans
I just got into this situation by rushiní
Yet but Iíll be fine
Iíll break free
When my mind
Believes in the mercy that is leading me


Lay me down
To be at rest
By your stream now
In your green pastures
Lay me there
To breathe the air
Deep in my chest
Lay me down to be at rest, lay me down

I donít need new medication
Gonna let love take my fear
Iíve just made things all so complicated
With my ideas
Yeah but Iím ok
Iíll be new
Thereís a weight
But Itís commin loose
You cut it loose
It comes loose as you


Iím turning back from infatuation
Cos it has taken me way too far
All my wayward fascinations
Have only broken up my heart
Iím broken up,
Iím broken all apart



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