Always Believe Ė Track 1 Ė 15 Minutes 4:24

Iíve been a scoundrel
Living down by the quarry
But you lift me up that hill
Now youíre making more of me,
than I thought Iíd ever be
Yeah more of me


It donít matter if the sun is shinning
It donít matter if it rains
I wonít worry about the weather 
cos just 15 minutes is all it takes
and itíll change so come and change me

Iíve been arrogant
Missing out on the beauty
Caught in the surface of the moment
But thereís a truth to see in everybody
And thereís a truth I wanna see


I donít listen to no devil music
I donít drink or smoke or cuss or chew or go with girls that do
If Iím gonna walk by faith
It gonna comes down to what I do not do
Thatís what theyíve told me and you


Donít you worry about the weather cos just 15 minutes is all it takes And itíll change so let Him change you

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