Words & Music by
Mitch McVicker

Copyright © 2006 
White Plastic Bag Music


1  Precious Blood
2  Wounded One
3  Honest of Heart
4  Along with the Rocks
5  Upon Further Inspection
6  Party Song

Music Review ~

This collection of songs on: MM: The 2006 Limited Release - EP  is an incredible music release, yet to be signed by a record company.  The humility in this artist's heart for God is reflected and illuminated in this project.  Brilliant songwriting is matched with a range of vocals that deliver the message with passion.  Beautifully written melodies flow throughout the songs.  Passion, purity and poetic delivery are trademarks of his music.

Precious Blood:  Sparkling with energy, this album illustrates what an excellent songwriter Mitch really is.  Precious Blood has a simply cord intro that flows intro to the lyrics that wrap around it snug and tight.  Velvet smooth vocals with a range to falsetto that he always pulls off with ease.   His conversations and prayers turned into music are always a joyful  experience for the soul to sink in. 

Though my storage sin has stopped paying rent
It makes itself at home
So let this distress move me closer to You
In the midst of regret i can't, i can't forget

Your precious blood shed for me
Your gracious love wiping my slate clean
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

His lyrics paint eloquently the message he is delivering.

Mitch McVicker on: Precious Blood: This song came from discovering jazz inversions of a couple chords in one of my favorite song writer's, Tom Waits, songbooks. I started playing around with a melody to fit with the chord progression that came from this discovery.  And the lyrics that spilled out of me talked about how the Lord does not count my past and or my tarnished record. Why? Simply because of his doing ... because of his sacrifice.

Wounded One:  First appeared on the DVD: Live At The Off Center Garage.    Poetry set to music crafted by an artist who knows his Savior.  As with most of his music; the audience he writes to is Jesus.. listeners and concert friends are invited on  that journey.  Enjoyment  is found in the skill displayed and shared by Mitch in songwriting.  His music is firmly rooted in scripture.  Arrangement instrumentally  is very pleasing on this ballad.

Jesus, Coming King, Savior, My Hope of Glory
Lord of Lords, Son of God,
I love You

Wounded One, so beautiful
Bruised One, so meek
Pierc-ed One, so faithful
Sacrifice for me
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

Lyrically, he weaves the words around the music with such ease.  You need to read  them to see the full beauty of this project.

Mitch McVicker on: Wounded One: I wrote this song with a great friend of mine, Kevin Galloway. We were sitting in a hotel room in Austin, Texas.  Kevin is a great praise and worship style of song writer. I  was wanting to write a song that was a response to the Lord's activity in our lives.  This is what came about.

Honest of Heart:  This artist's songwriting heart is always in the right place.  His songs  have varied significantly from album to album; yet when you listen, you always hear a soul chasing after Jesus.  With each project, more of his soul is revealed in the lyrics.  Musical arrangements are powerful and unstrained.   Honest and insightful lyrics flow and intertwine with the melodies. 

By the soul, drug through shadows
But I'm the one to blame
I'm so full of shame now
So empty me, pour me out..
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

Mitch, condensing a novel into a handful of words.. cutting to the heart of the story.. leaving you fulfilled.

Mitch McVicker on: Honest of Heart: Many times I view honesty as a matter of my will. But, I am hoping that my will and discipline are transformed as the Lord molds and changes my heart's desire. As this happens, what spills out of me will be an overflow of what is actually in my heart. It will come naturally, from my innermost and truest self, rather than my gumption. so, I tried to put that to lyrics and music.

Along with the Rocks:  Also appeared on the DVD: Live At The Off Center Garage.  His stunning vocals  shine and illuminate; lighting up the lyrics and message weaved into this wonderful song.   Indescribable.. you need to hear it for yourself.. I don't have the words to truly describe the experience. 

I'm just a crashing gong
I'm just a clanging cymbal
I could speak in tongues
Or talk like an angel
But still be freezing out in the cold
Still be covered up by the snow
If I don't love, I am nothing
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

Mitch McVicker on: Along with the Rocks: If I don't love, I am nothing.  Both Jesus and the apostle Paul are pretty clear about that.  The scriptures are also pretty clear about all of creation being in a constant state of praise. And the scriptures tell me that, as a part of creation, I was created to love.  So, it's just a mathematical equation.  My most praise filled act is to love. That is how I can join the song that all of creation is singing.  So, this song just combines the love chapter of corinthians and the "rocks cry out" passage in the psalms.

Upon Further Inspection:  This song sweats the joy of knowing God's boundless love.  Mitch allows these songs to take him..  and often the results are amazing.  Deep vocals cradle most of the lyrics, but he carries them high to the stars  with the chorus.  Well crafted and masterfully engineered. 

Upon further inspection,
I gotta make an objection
With myself, and the ways
My faith slips outta phase
I guess I gotta dark misperception
Of what it means to follow and trust and maybe even leap
Into to this vast kingdom scheme of things
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

Any song on this ep is worth the price of the whole project.  The all stand strong.

Mitch McVicker on: Upon Further Inspection: Whenever I "inspect" myself, I wish that numerous things were different about the way I am.  It becomes hard to swallow reality, and instead, I begin making plans of all the things a will do to correct and change myself. So this song is just a cry of resignation.  It is a decision to take my eyes off of myself and, instead, look at Jesus ... and what  he will do.

Party Song:  Celebratory track that says it all.  Innovative, eloquent imagery of what awaits us in Heaven.  Joyful and yes, there is a party going on. 

The infectious grooves
Just cannot wait for you
The roof is on fire, a holy fire
And everybody gonna love the dance you're gonna do
The red carpet's rollin' out
And they're sinngin' so loud
You're the invited guest, the long-awaited for guest
And you thought that heaven didn't wanna mess with you
Copyright © 2006 White Plastic Bag Music 

Another example of how each and every song he creates, often evolves at concerts.  Fresh renditions, on an already exceptional ballad are trademarks of his talents.

Mitch McVicker on: Party Song: This song came about after I spent a couple days on a "personal retreat" in a hotel room in Missouri.  It was holy week, I had a couple of open days, and for some reason, I thought it was important to be by myself and read and meditate on the first 10 psalms.  From my readings and prayer, I discovered that the celebration the Lord is having, and will be having, is what was impressed upon me.   I found myself longing to be a part of it, both today and someday.  With the next day being Easter, I suddenly got the notion that I needed to be with my grandma on Easter.  In order to do that, it meant leaving right then and driving through the night.   As I drove, my mind was filled with thoughts of the Lord's celebration.  Soon, a melody formed. I think it was about am when I pulled over, at a rest area, and got out my guitar to make up this song. Some hours later, my grandma was the first person to hear the finished result.

This project contains diverse keenness for supreme music with a tight and focused sound.  Indisputable and gifted songwriter.  Rich Mullins  found those talents in him and after they both finished college together in 1995, they collaborated on Canticle of The Plains, an amazing musical.  There is a plethora of music  by this artist out there  awaiting discovery.  This project is a great sampling of his latest talents.


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