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Mitch McVicker


got a feeling there's a mountain comin
but i'm thinkin that a bit of faith clears the way
a grain of sand leads multiplication 
along the ocean of grace (alright hey hey) 
a tree comes from the tiniest of seedlings
and then the forest dwarfs my every concern 
out from the thicket shines a single light piercing
and then a quasar gonna burst (oh yeah that's what i heard)

you chose my tiny life
in the middle of the world so big
now my soul explodes in size
even though i'm just microscopic
so now my heart goes floatin high
up and over the grandest peak
i'm the apple of your eye
although i'm microscopic, microscpic

i'll dance my dance with all the steps that i've been given
and though i'm shakin, my strength's from beyond me
the last is first and the lowest is highest
so why fret bout anything (oh yeah know what i mean)
the ants are workin yeah they shuffle round their dirthill
it must be similar as your watchin me
not even a speck upon the galaxy pinwheel
still by grace i am seen (it's what i believe, it's what believe yeah)


the temperature's risin yeah the number keeps increasin
my little sweetie's got a fever, a fever
but it will go breakin even through teeniest existance
lord ya know i need ya


words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 2010 Out Of The Box Records
All rights reserved 
Lyrics reprinted by permission