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Mitch McVicker

In-Between Time

heard of a cloudless day
just on the other side
but take away the grey 
here in the meantime
sweep her sky clear of the mess
take away each fear til all that's left 
is the sunshine of love's light
may it ever draw her in

when she shuts her eyes up tight
give her rest in holiest twilight
and may she sleep in some peace tonight
may her dreams be some wings to fly
in the in-between time

no more tears will fall
but let that be true today
let every ache be swallowed
and just leave her smiling face
so she only knows a tenderness
a warmth that glows til all that's left
is the deep blaze of sweet grace
may it ever draw her in


let her legs run wild
let her feet dance
let her love pile up
until she sings again


words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 2010 Out Of The Box Records
All rights reserved 
Lyrics reprinted by permission