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Live At The Off Center Garage
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Polished accomplishment of four guys who know how to blend to perfection the artistic skills God blessed them with.  It appears effortless yet you know care was given to this project.  It is addictive.  It is compelling.  It is inspiring.

A live performance that is captivating from beginning to end.  A concert filmed by many camera angles;  edited smoothly to mimic how your own eyes might dart to view the staging activity.   Mitch McVicker  is center stage, Brad Layher to his right, Joe Curet behind him and Mark Robertson is on his left.  The DVD captures the band as a whole and  each individually.  It flows like a well crafted movie, documenting  the ministry of this artist and his band mates sincerity to point people towards Jesus.  There are smiles, there are serious moments, there are dancing rhythms, there are familiar melodies, there are new unrecorded treasures.

Song List:
*  Wounded One
*  Along With The Rocks
*  Here And Now
*  My Deliverer
*  Stargazer
*  Solid Rock
*  Heaven Is Waiting
*  Burning The Fields
*  Take The Wheel
*  Upside Down
*  Band Intro/ The Lemonade Song
*  I Need You  Jesus.
*  Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
*  Partysong

Each song has evolved from the original recording.  The previously unrecorded songs; Wounded One, Along With The Rocks and Partysong all display amazing lyrics, melodies and music packaged carefully into a jeweled pleasure your heart will enjoy.  The songs on this DVD are compelling and ever changing as they are delivered uniquely on the road at his concerts.  The paths these songs travel down are a blessing.   It is a joy to view and witness them re-spin songs with flair and elegance.

The DVD will make you thirsty to see them live.  It will energize those who have seen them with a recording of their memories.  You will  feel you are at the concert.  This is a good concert that they filmed.   Enjoy and share the experience with others.

Bonus material follows the live concert.  You are treated to the Stargazer Music Video and  the full EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Spindust released with the Recording of Without Looking Down.  On the EPK is a good documentary of Mitch.

This project is a great reflection of the music ministry of Mitch McVicker.  His ministry is stated often in interviews, at concerts, in the very fiber of his music.  It is one thing that is consistent and never changing.  His ministry is to point people towards Jesus.  It is a good ministry.  It is a blessed ministry.

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  Brad Layher
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