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Mitch McVicker

Renovate Me

i goed it my way, but roads that i take
go to a place called self
my faith shook, my will took me away 
from the me you build
but i still know you'e here
i will open clear

come wreck me down, reconstruct my soul
tear me down to my ground floor
and then build me up i'm yours
take apart my heart, realign the beat
by your love i'm constructed
so now take me and renovate me

in the morning i see all you'll bring
don't let the day cloud my eyes
when the night comes out, if i've been about your kingdom
well then everything shines
i can tell you're here
your hand pulls me near


forever bring it on, forever i leave it all


words and music by Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 2010 Out Of The Box Records
All rights reserved 
Lyrics reprinted by permission