Are chasing the horizon from town to town but stopped in Osceola, WI 6/8/00 
to Share Music, Gospel and Good times. 

Article by ~ suzan

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Before the Concert:
The two arrived from TN safely and ready to share their music early.  They had stopped overnight in IL, and were eager to deliver their energy to the crowd.  The sound checks were going on before 6 for the 7 p.m  concert and the music coming from the gazebo was gathering the crowd in anticipation.  The weather very sunny, but over 90, didn't discourage too many.  My guess on the head count, would be well over 250.  The sound checks became a concert in itself.  Wow and its cousins, were every where even when they were just goofing around with a tune. You could tell the evening was going to be enjoyed on both sides of the gazebo.
Captured their attention to talk for a few minutes before to both and they seemed very pumped to be messengers for their Lord.  Found Brad free first and had him sign his interview for a scrap web book.  Received the exciting news from Brad that the CD of songs he is working towards will be an early 2001 project.  Found the path of apprehension quickly changing to wish there was a day to spend with them.  Absorbed in a conversation with Brad was easy to do, wanting to hit on a bunch of topics, and knowing time constraints wouldn't allow it.

Didn't even notice when Mitch sat down across the table, but then yeah, caught him out of the corner of my eye.  His warm smile eased my mind and placed me more than ready to steal a few moments with him in conversation before the concert.  They were new web travelers and had visited the unofficial site.  Anyone who has talked to Mitch and Brad know, they can put you at calm very easily.  Asked Mitch first if with his busy schedule he was going to tackle the interview sent his way.  Well he said "I've sent you a couple of emails back, didn't you get them? "   He said he had even e-mailed the night before.  Then he goes, great and looked concerned. I had received information back from Brad for his interview, so replied no problem, can you just do a resend or send them through Brad or your Dad?

Not wanting him thinking about something as trivial as missing emails,  I asked if he would give answers to a couple short questions now.  Well the first one asked.. he goes, something like "oh no..  I sent that and It's got a long answer.. sure hope I didn't loose it."  Same thing with the next question.  That one ended up being the article A look Inside The Song Strength To Move    So I said, well cool, just content you've looked at it.  Gave him a copy of the interview questions for him to ponder on at a later date.  This time with them before the concert was quickly consumed.

A feeling of satisfaction invaded my soul because down the road there would be another interview to share with his fans.  Gave Mitch some things to sign quick, and a copy for himself of the articles, reviews and status of the vote booth's.  He loves the vote booth's so cast your favorite!  They are set up so if you want you can visit them once a day.  This allows you to change your mind according to how the day is going.

We talked a bit more, and then I became aware of Brad's sound checking again. Well not having a watch on, I asked "oh, sorry what time is it!"  Gave him my "this was so glorious thanks" and parted. Thought, yeah, maybe say a few words after if they were not in a hurry, but then Mitch said, don't leave after the concert.

The Concert:

My group had taken the prime area up front, but actually were much farther back then I wanted it to be.  With the 90 weather, we needed a little shade.  Informed my group of over 20 that we would be moving, if the space in front was invaded.  As it turned out, the crowd was content to just find a comfortable space and park it. Once the zoom on the camera was figured out I settled in.  Felt a bit geeky with two camera's, tape recorder, blanket full of people, and the next couple of rows of family and friends behind me, watching me try to juggle it all.

Found myself floating immediately about an inch below Heaven, and was truly awed by the event once the music started.  Worried for a moment that I Had NOT SAID AN INTELLIGENT THING to them before, but then quieted my emotions to absorb it all.  Well, the music brought on an almost blinding glow of Love from the Spirit and once again it kicked my senses into overdrive. I looked for distraction because I was being pulled in too fast almost mesmerized by the powerful outpour from above.  The message to be conveyed back to Mitch and Brad was simply the "Father is so pleased.  Don't doubt that these trips are taken in vain as you share your music and passion love of Him."

The harmony, pace of the music, delivery of the messages were spectacular.  This would have been a great venue to video.  Captured an audio to get some notes for this review and the sounds replayed were awesome.  The heartfelt attitude they conveyed of being thrilled to be in WI was evident. Brad gave us Tinman to perfection.  Mitch gave us everything and then some.  The sounds were crisp, sequenced and flowing with God's message of hope, faith and love.

The songs sung, witnessing of the Gospel shared, stories of humor were appreciated.  Noticed on the tape, the level of applause was subdued, but the buzz after they left town was enlivening.  They were unknown musicians to nearly all, but had seized the attention of many in the aftermath.


After The Concert:

People were slow in leaving, some had a chance to talk to them.  Wanting to give others the chance to meet them, we just hung around as the crowd dispersed.  Finally, noticed Brad over alone at the table, so we headed that way.  The drain of a long drive and for them three hour venue if you count the sound checks was starting to show on their spent souls.  Knowing I could write later and ease my mind of what needed to be said, allowed us to just hang out as they packed up.  Finally Mitch made it over to the table.  He was very open and willing to share in what ever direction the conversation flowed.  I remember also for some strange reason, because I don't collect signatures, having him sign way too much stuff while trying to continue a conversation that I knew would be over too soon.  They were both so sharing; giving us a music experience unmatched in this community. If you get a chance to visit them in your area, go and enjoy the awesome experience.

God is smiling down on His Gospel being spread by these artists.  Like the parables found in Mark 4  God has through Mitch's music given us the seeds of the Gospel.  We need to take this music and share it with friends, and strangers alike.  God's message of faith, hope and love have been planted for us through out his music (Canticle Of The Plains, Mitch McVicker - Self Titled and the Chasing The Horizon -EP).  We need to take action today with these seeds to help multiply God's harvest. Don't wait for this sophomore CD to be released, order today the EP of it at better bookroom  or order it from his homepage   Use the fruits of your Lord's message found in his first CD Mitch McVicker to increase the Kingdom.  Read a review of this project with on-line order links at  Mitch McVicker Review ~ suzan  Also available is a review of the Chasing The Horizon EP Review  .

The Spirit comes to us too and uses us as a vehicle to get it where it wants to go.  Hitchhiking from one person to another, then another, spreading the little seeds of faith all over the place.  God has planted the seeds in Mitch's music, take them and use them today.  We have all been called to do this! Mark16:15

 Osceola 6/8/00
Osceola 6/8/00 Album B/W
A Few More Pics 6/8/00
A Few More Pics Album B/W

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