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The quality of these are not the best.. but I wanted to share a few more...

Mitch McVicker (r)  and 
Brad Layher (l)  are 
welcomed by the
crowd in Osceola, WI

They are treated to 
90 degree weather,
even in the Gazebo

At least the bugs
are not so bad..

Bugs not so bad I'm lickin' my wounds, and eating them as fast as they are attacking me..

The sounds from the two
were enjoyed by about 250

Mitch and Brad delivered songs from sound checks before 6 'till 8:30..

They covered songs from Canticle of the Plains,
Mitch McVicker - Self titled, Chasing the Horizon, and future unreleased songs.
Ok, I'll take the ones on the left, you cover me from the right..

Stories, songs, humor, pure entertainment.. and we got a special treat from Brad.. ask him about Dorothy some time.. 
They treated us to the awesome hammered dulcimer on heaven is waiting and other songs..
When the guitars, harmonica, and hammered dulcimer were not enough variety, they used their blended voices and banged the wood for effect.

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