Everything Shines
Music Review &  Lyrics
Words & Music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2010 out of the box records 
Out of the Box Records
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Lyrics reprinted by permission from Mitch Mcvicker

#1   Renovate Me
#2   In-Between Time
#3  Microscopic 

Music Review: Everything Shines – Mitch McVicker @2010 out of the box records.

Mitch starts out this 3 song mini with Renovate Me.  As always his lyrics are outstanding in clearly nailing the weaving of words into the road his soul and feet take him.

Renovate Me: “i goed it my way, but roads that i take /go to a place called self /my faith shook, my will took me away /from the me you build /but i still know you'e here /i will open clear”

This is an artist that you need to read the lyrics on, as they are often deeper then the ear hears.  I have often said write a book, but then I find the novel in the lyrics and am satisfied… at least with his soul journey through this world.  This dancing track will
Entice your daily walk with contentment.

In-Between Time:

heard of a cloudless day/just on the other side/but take away the grey/here in the meantime/sweep her sky clear of the mess/take away each fear til all that's left /
is the sunshine of love's light /may it ever draw her in..”

His fingers dance a wonderful melody on this ballad… driven vocals smooth.. and the recordings have his own voice doing harmony… such a joy the end product. lyrics are skillfully melted with splendid melodies.  This is an intimate song, and you are invited along on it’s path.


"got a feeling there's a mountain comin/but i'm thinkin that a bit of faith clears the way/ 
a grain of sand leads multiplication/ along the ocean of grace (alright hey hey)/ 
a tree comes from the tiniest of seedlings/ and then the forest dwarfs my every concern/ 
out from the thicket shines a single light piercing/and then a quasar gonna burst (oh yeah that's what i heard)/ 

Imagine having the ability to work those lyrics out of your soul? Pure joy to hear the end product of this artists music.  Mitch is never satisfied though, in concert, the songs continue to change, as does his journey in faith. He weaves a catchy, harmonious track. 

Mitch Mcvicker on this project:

Here it is, Everything Shines! 

I am trying something new.  I just released a mini-CD called Everything Shines.  It is a 3-song CD, and it is not a "pre" to something bigger.  It is it's own thing.  Sonically, it is as good as the longer CDs I have done in the past.  Everything Shines, is made up of three new songs that I have no intention of recording again.  So, there is nothing more coming, except for the next mini-CD. 

I am still on the Always Believe Tour.  Always Believe is still my "new record".  But now there is a bonus...Everything Shines. 

This is my new approach.  Instead of waiting three years to record 12 songs on a long CD, I am going to record 3-song mini-CDs every nine months.  For me, and hopefully for those of you that come to concerts and listen to my music, it will keep things more vibrant.  There will be no lull or waiting period for the "next thing".  The next thing will always be happening. (and, not to mention, a lot cheaper)  It is my intention to have new recorded music every year.  The concerts I do are always morphing, changing and growing, and now the CDs I record will be a reflection of that as well. 

I think this is a closer representation of God's activity in our lives.  With God, the next thing is constantly happening.  God is always at work on us...ever-molding us, ever-shaping us, ever-making us.  Sure, we can settle into the mundane and take it all for granted, but then we are not taking advantage of the opportunity and the gift that the Grower and Giver graces us with.  But as we become our true-selves, the "next thing" is a constant. 

So here it is!  Everything Shines. 

It is my prayer that I will always believe that everything shines.  This record is the next successive step.  After listening rather intently, one listener said that "Renovate Me", the opening song on Everything Shines, is a continuing thought of "Fifteen Minutes", the opening song on Always Believe.  I smiled. 

Everything Shines is my most recent "new record"...with more to come 

Notes on this project: 

Mitch McVicker wants to be renovated. McVicker wanted to express his need for renovation, through his music. Quite by chance and very quickly came an opportunity to do just that, in his latest project, a three-song-mini-CD, "Everythng Shines". 

The recording process was simple, yet powerful. The mini-album was recorded in three days, with just McVicker and engineer/musician, Carter Green, in the studio. McVicker wrote the songs for, produced and directed, sang leads and back-ups for , and played most instruments for this new project. The album was recorded in the dusty, rural farm town of Wellington, KS. "When I record in Wellington, I am not distracted. The only thing to focus on is the music," McVicker remarked. 

McVicker stresses simplicity in his solo ministry and on this album. He plays an array of various guitars, harmonica, ukelele, and creates percussion loops using everyday household items and mouth percussion. "During the recording of this albums, we cut through the fluff and let the songs really speak," McVicker said. 

The songs in the album stress the need we all have for being renovated , daily, in our walk with Jesus ("Renovate Me"); making the best of life in-between being able to lead a full and productive life and being called "home" to be with God ("In-Betwee Time"); and knowing that, although we are "microscopic" in the vast scheme of things, we can be thankful that we are all "big" in God's eyes ("Microscopic"). 

All of his music is available at mitchmicvicker.com