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The Lemonade Song

The Lemonade Song


Invited by Mitch, to set up a section on this unofficial site, to have a place where we can discuss songs and questions on lyrics.  Decided to try doing a single song at a time.  Why not savor the project, or as Joe Curet might say season one song at a time and picked this song. 

The Lemonade Song was the third song discussed at the unofficial.  The first was Only Love Will and may also end up documented in the future for others to read.

The second song discussed was Burning the Fields.   This discussion was turned into an article and is homed at:  Lyric Discussion Article ~ Burning The Fields

Mitch also wrote an article on this song after our discussion zone closed:

Look Inside Burning The Fields   ~  Mitch McVicker

Guessing or getting Mitch's take on a song was not the ultimate answer or goal of these projects.  However, maybe the discussion would bring some back to the bible, or cause them to reexamine their walk with God.  Or simply cause them to be Spirit vehicle movers.  Yeah that Spirit likes to go"hitchhiking from one person to another, then another, spreading the little seeds of faith all over the place.  We have all been called by God to spread His Gospel.  This music is a powerful tool you can use to do that". So maybe at a minimum, we would help each other by giving our different takes on the song.  Even though Mitch may have a meaning behind some verses, they may mean something else to someone else, and that's the great part about exploring the possibilities.  It was stressed that an important thing to consider was that all thoughts are valid.  Also, asked people to stay away from quoting Mitch, and use their own interpretations.

He really doesn't encourage concert quotes, a quote I got from Mitch about that in an e-mail stated " I think that a lot of it takes away the impact of the live communication that happens at concerts.  I would encourage people to review concerts and maybe talk about how it impacted them or their own personal perceptions.  Even some short paraphrases of what I say would be fine.  But, the verbatim reports of talks and sayings that I repeat from time to time seem to be a hindrance to me."  We would use this same philosophy, on our song analysis and let OUR interpretations and impacts be the main basis to discuss it not his.  After the discussion was  completed, Mitch granted an interview on this song and it is homed at: 

Once again, Mitch gave an interview and another article was penned:

A Look Behind The Lemonade Song ~ Mitch McVicker

Enjoy Mitch's candor above on the song and then some shared thoughts by some friends. 

The Discussion:

Trivia information onThe LemonadeSong.  Well when the EP Well for Chasing The Horizon came out, THE FIRST THING I NOTICED WAS IT WAS LEMONADE COLOR!

I remember questioning him on it in June 2000.. and he had a light bulb.. no way.. he never realized it.. just grinned.. and said it was a total coincidence.  ~ I think maybe God was just giving him a smile moment.   ~ suzan

Subject:  What did you think when you first heard the Lemonade song?

For me, I was amazed it was not a huge hit.  Of course I didn't understand at the time that Mitch was a very under exposed artists to the Christian  music world.  Then I thought wow, what a great, great song!  And I thought of all the men and women I know who  would of been right there throwing the punches at Jim.  I'm not trying to judge, those people, I'm just witnessing that I've seen it happen.  Those were my first thoughts.  ~ suzan

I first heard the Lemonade Song at the Ragamuffin/Mitch concert. It was the Homeless Man tour (is that what they called it? Or did they call it the Jesus Record tour?) well, either way, I was there  strictly because I had recently (and instantly I may add) become a "fan" of Rich after he died. (See Suzan's web site for my Mitch story if your interested in all the juicy details, Hahhah).... So Mitch sang this  song.  I honestly had no idea really what he was trying to get across, at first.  The words were  kinda hard to understand because Mitch sang so fast.  But it really was not the  words to the song that  really impressed me that first time.  It was the way he sang it and the big    smile on his face as he sang it!  The Spirit was at work.  My daughter who was about 8 at the time, picked up on the song at the concert real quick.  She loved it.  When I later got the CD I pondered over the  words, like I do all of Mitch's   lyrics, and really tried to figure out if I was someone like Jimmy or if I was  someone who would of  been throwing punches...So it made me think about myself and then other believers.  ~  Kelli

I heard about this song from my best friend from whom I borrowed this   CD when it first came out.  He told me to make sure and listen to the  "Lemonade Song".  I laughed and told him I would.  As I listened to  the song the first time I was glad I had the lyric sheet out because I   couldn't understand a thing he was saying!!!  I thought it   sounded....different!!...  Of course it has grown to become one of my fave songs and I can't listen to it without smiling.  Of course now  I think I can sing it just as fast or faster then Mitch does...funny how that works. ~ Rick

I had never heard of Mitch McVicker or even Rich Mullins until September 10th f 2000.  My dad went to church that Sunday by himself because I was half way asleep and wasn't really into it any ways.  He  came back and told me all about this guy he'd seen at church.  He went on and on and played "Gospel Rain" for me.  I was not really very open to accepting anything new. Especially something my dad had discovered.  So, I was being a bit stubborn and told him that I DID  NOT like the music.  He told me to just give it a chance and come to the concert with him that night.   I usually went to a local bar's teen night on  Sunday's and had planned to go that night.  I was not going to go to the concert or even give Mitch a chance.  I realize now how crazy that would have been, but I was a little different then.  Well, after I had called around a bit, I found  out that none of my friends were going to the bar  that night.  With nothing else to do,  I gave in to my dad and went to the show with him.  It was at a really cool church that I had never been to and the first thing we saw as we walked in the door was Mitch, Brad, and Joe standing  in a circle.  We went on in and sat towards the front.  The concert started, and I still refused to like it.  It wasn't until the Lemonade Song came on that   I totally gave in and let myself fall in love with the music.  Since that night, I have seen Mitch fourteen times, including a trip to Texas  (I live in Illinois) for my b-day and a trip to Kansas for one of my Christmas presents.  I have started going to church every Sunday and quit going to the bar since then.   He's an amazing guy, as are Joe and Brad and I don't think I will ever get tired
of the music! ~ Lauren

Subject:  What do you like about the lemonade song?

For me the appeal is the whole package.  It is so  upbeat in pace.  But then it's also so fast, that   you really need to listen to get the story.  And  probably the first time you hear it the tune is the catch.. it does just dance.   Later as the words just flow like a river  from him, or rather fast rapids; the story line sinks in.  And I can see him smile on this one.  Not from concert memories, just from the way it  is delivered on the recording.  That in itself is  amazing, creating the image of a smile. ~ suzan

I like the fast tune... I like the way it  challenges me.... and I too like the smile that appears on the singers voice when he sings it.. ~ Kelli

Subject:Lemonade sips..

Yes I loved that it is a parable.  And quite frankly didn't expect to get an inside story on
this song so soon.   Even though he's been singing it since what  95-96? I have only heard it for a year now.  I  was concerned he would get tired of it. Sure glad  to hear that's not the case.  Has any one seen a  concert where he didn't sing it? ~ suzan

I don't think I have heard a concert where he hasn't done the Lemonade Song either and I've seen him perform...uh...lots of times.  There might have been a bookstore or two where he didn't sing it, but  that song usually goes over well whenever he sings it. The song just makes me smile! :)   I told him once that he was singing the lyrics too fast in concert and it was getting difficult to understand them (and that was  from someone who knows the song!)  Next time I heard it in concert he sang the lyrics slower and was easier to understand. ~  Jenny.

Yeah, he does sing the lyrics awfully fast, but it's always interesting!  Personally, I like it when he changes the pace of the songs.  I like little changes  like that sometimes.  On the other hand, people can't get anything out of the song unless they can hear what's trying to be said.  I know the song really well though, cause it's my fave and all and I can usually understand him.  There has been once or twice when it's been difficult though. ~ Lauren,

Jenny, I'm glad you mentioned that to him.  I noticed it  once too.. and thought, oh no he's getting tired of it. That's why I asked in that short interview if he was, and  was pleased to hear him say "I don't expect to get tired of playing The Lemonade Song.  I think I like it a lot more than people realize.  It still moves me.  I still love to hear the story."  ~suzan

I have seen Mitch in concert  fourteen times since September of last year and every time  he has sang it. It is my favorite song!!  Actually, last time I saw him, he got kinda confused  and sang one line twice and forgot one and then he even made up some on the spot.  It was funny, but also fun to hear it done differently!  ~ Lauren


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