Without Looking Down

Words & Music by
Mitch McVicker

Copyright © 2002 
White Plastic Bag Music

Spindust Records

  1  You Have Everything
2  Take the Wheel
3  I Need You Jesus
4  Turning Tables
5  Stargazer
6  Nowhere Else
7  Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
8  The Lion Lays Down
9  Deeper in Love
10 Midnight in Madison
12 Not holy Just Yet

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The project, very much anticipated, very much desired.  How do you wait for something that you know will come eventually, but you wanted yesterday?  Anxious, nervous, excited. That describes how I felt about getting my soul on this compilation of new songs.    Mitch has a talent for navigating us through a wide valley of emotions as he blends twelve songs into a collection.

This collection of Without Looking Down songs have lyrics that are masterful, and beautifully textured with the gospel and words from and to our Lord.  Those prolific lyrics are skillfully blended with superb melodies.  Strikingly different then the first two solo albums, in that these songs have already evolved to the next level of delivery.  Not to take away from the first two solo albums, because they truly are masterpieces of joy, projects of excellence, waiting to be discovered by more of God's children.

Yet often Mitch will put a new spin on songs after he has recorded them.  The results are engaging, powerful and like a road the lyrics haven't ventured on.  You crave a re-recording of the songs he respins to get both versions.  This album, is like the second version already.  They are developed, moving, well paced and soul satisfying. Truly cousins of the first two projects.  At times the pace is elegant, at times it's playful, often it's prayerful.  Mitch writes the music, plays it in concerts and then puts it on an album.  Quote from Mitch: I go out and I play for people and then I document the music later in an album.  The mission of my ministry would be to point people to Jesus and to expose them to the kingdom of God through word and song and through the life we live as we interact.  I think we're foolish to think that we're an entertainer.  I go no,  people don't come to Christian concerts to be merely entertained.  They come totally to take something else away with them.  So it's a ministry whether you realize it or not.

Not holy Just Yet, and I need you Jesus were the only two songs I heard a first cut on.   These two songs for me were songs that I felt he truly had to share with others on an album.  The version he chose to recorded is amazing.  Lyrics didn't chance, but the tempo and full band have brought them home.

Mitch's collection of songs recorded has grown to 39; too many to share at concerts.  Picking the twelve that made this album cut and would go into future concert rotation must be a challenge.  I like it when God challenges people.  The twelve he picked to share at this time are exceptional.

The band; Brad Layher, Jeff Weiss, and Cobra Joe Curet add seasoning touches to the music and amplify the already spectacular experience of listening to the songs.  The vocal blending and background vocals on chorus are simply thrilling.  I don't know who I'm always hearing on those chorus blends, but wow-land and harmony weaved to perfection are reflected in them all.

Producer Mark Robertson, and studio engineer Jordan Richter who records and mixes bring the project to profound completion with their tireless dedication during the recording process.

The songs:

You Have Everything # 1 (3:38)

He's singing to God.  As personal as it seems, it's applicable to 99% of us.  We have been given a modern psalm by this artist.  We are witnessing a personal prayer he shared with God.  Mitch is a very skillful songwriter.  Giving his all without reserve, taking the untraveled path to where God continues to call him.  If God says this way; go this way, Mitch doesn't hesitate as he follows that echo from our Lord, imprinted on his soul. Vocals on all these songs are as always river flowing smoothly, with just the right curves and bends to keep the lyrics sequenced to the music.

Take the Wheel #2 (3:34)

You need to read the lyrics on ALL of his songs.  It's another dimension.  It adds layers of wealth to explore; the weaving of his lyrics into the music.  This song is extremely contagious.  You will be delighted by the harmony and fast-pace dance of words.  This is also the only song in this collection that has his trade-mark harmonica.  Mitch does wonderfully on harmonica.  It's a spice of flavor to his music fans expect.  I asked on why just one harmonica song this time around, and he said: "No I'm definitely not trying to get away from harmonica, that's just the way it happened.  I didn't even realize there was only one song until it was done.  In concert there are a number that have harmonica, it just turned out that these new songs didn't include much."

I need you Jesus #3 (3:43)

Another psalm and prayer for us to enjoy and share with our beloved Lord.  The keyboard addition to these songs are rejuvenating.  His vocal ranges, on all of these song are incredible.  I love the formula that he simply has no formula when he writes a song.  He seems to just let the songs take him where they are leading him.  Sometimes, I think He just holds on tight and enjoys the ride of following Jesus.

Turning Tables #4 (3: 25)

Just a great recap of Jesus acting on our behalf, setting a path for us to follow Him.  Mitch's song writing, story telling, are blessings from our Lord, whether he realizes it or not.  I knew that this wasn't simply the story of Jesus turning the tables in the temple.  He explained that yes, this has a three-fold message. "Jesus obviously began turning tables out of His holy anger in the temple. That Jesus turns tables in our lives in how we view the world around us.  That Jesus has ultimately turned the tables on sin."

Stargazer #5 (3:48)

Great story about a girl, following God with her faith.  Don't know what motivated this one, but the guys have fun singing and playing it.  Read the story in the lyrics. I heard a quote from a friend on what she thought some of the lyrics were. Mitch is probably STILL laughing on that.  It intrigued me to later find out this was about the same character from other songs:  "It's the same character I've written about before, in The Lemonade Song  and in Not Holy Just Yet.  It's the same character, except I put a female pro-noun on this one, just because I didn't want to be singing about some dude."

Nowhere Else #6 (2:45)

How, how, how he put all the lyrics into this one is exhilarating.  It's got everything.  Great delivery, awesome chorus.  He always composes gleaming choruses.  This will become a favorite for some on this album.  Just because it's all encompassing.

Don't Let your Heart Be Troubled #7 (4:14)

This is Mitch turning up the volume on God talking to Him.  Mitch was given a great message from Jesus to share with us, and he boldly puts it into a song.  The message isn't new, but the song is a great, great way to spread our Lord's word. The poetic license was taken on this to be Jesus delivering that personal message to us. Not everyone would ever be bold enough to do this.  Mitch is confident in his own walk with Jesus to deliver it just the way God wanted it.   Not everyone can run to the bible to find salvation.  Some need to be nudged towards it.  This music ministry continues to do just that.  Thanks Mitch.

The Lion Lays Down  #8 (2:59)

Let this fill your soul.  Let this song sink in.  Let this song bring you joy.   Mitch has a stylistic gift of stringing just a few words together to say volumes. Oh and I do hear the lion roar on this one.  Unbelievable vocals,  He goes for it, and it is given.

Deeper In Love #9 (4:47)

Signature song for the Album.  The Lyrics 'without looking down' are found in the chorus of this ballad to Jesus.  This is a very personal prayerful discussion he had with God.  Yet again as personal as they seem, they are words we all can echo to our beloved Lord.  The range of his vocals he is willing to stretch and fly to the stars with is marvelous.

Midnight In Madison #10 (4:24)

Mitch is writing to Jesus.  It's like reading a personal journal.  We are blessed that he decided to share it and put it to music for us.  Very reflective of how he probably often feels while traveling the road Jesus lights for him to journey on.  And without stepping out on to one highway, we can all relate to those feelings he shares.  The prose he chooses to articulate songs are extraordinary.

Camelsong #11 (2:48)

The title keep me wondering what window he would be looking through when we traveled with him on this song.  It's brilliant.  He is a songwriter that can write a novel with just a song.  Encourage him to write more.

Not Holy Just Yet #12 ( 3:52)

This is one he wrote six or so years ago.  I want to know why the wait to record it.  Maybe it waited for him.  He composes a novel and it only takes under four minutes to absorb it.

This record was a product of Spindust Records and released nationally through Word Distribution.  Ray Boltz the president of Spindust said this about him "Mitch has an incredibly unique sound and has an amazing gift for song writing. We are honored to have him join our label."

I truly believe God is pleased to have Mitch on His team as well. We can't do anything really except be the salt, be an illuminator of God's light.  Mitch does have a talent of creating thirst for God, a thirst for a more fulfilling relationship with our Lord. This artist is out there with a music ministry, pointing people to Jesus.

Without Looking Down is a joyful collection of songs to own.  Every now and then a sparkle of brilliance is revealed.  This artist is one of those bright lights, a vehicle God shines through.  This album is powerful and very worthy addition to your music collection.  Filled with soulful intensity and variety.  Exemplary is the ordinary for this artist's song writing ability and Mitch delivers once again on this album just that.  A wide range of music that is filled with relevant psalms we can all use in our own walk with God to those catchy and contagious entertaining soul dancing melodies that simply bring joy to our day as they weave some gospel messages inside our soul.  Fresh, clean, insightful, fun, prayerful, joy, high energy, intimate, sharing, praise and thanksgiving.  This album shows those qualities along with his ever continuing maturing in Christ.  Mitch is always searching to follow Him, seeking God's will first, and then stepping out onto the path God says, this is the one to go on.  Experience part of the journey with him and share and support his ministry by ordering the music today from his official site.

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