Rockford, IL 10/05

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Mitch McVicker concert
The Lighthouse Café
Rockford, IL, October 5, 2002

review by Bonnie and Clyde
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I had the chance to catch Mitch and the guys in Rockford hoping to get the full experience of the fall tour behind the new CD Without Looking Down. Although getting there seemed like a lead role in a scene of the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, I arrived safely to my destination. You know, those toll booth workers on the Illinois interstates are not the friendliest people around. I guess coming from the South, I expected everyone I met to be friendly and glad to see me. I could have easily discounted my expectations, but after having heard this concert, I can truly say it was everything I expected and more. 
The guys pour everything they have into each song. Brad is now playing an electric guitar in addition to the acoustic, Jeff has picked up a new instrument as well, and Cobra's still banging on stuff. Mitch of course is great. His vocals are smooth, and the flow of the set makes for an entertaining concert that engages the audience. Needless to say, the live performance of Mitch's new CD is exceptional, and some of the songs from previous records have a new "kick". The guys have a very busy schedule this fall, so try and catch a concert or two. It's worth traveling a few miles to see. 
Here's the set list:
You Have Everything
Nowhere Else
Upside Down
Solid Rock
Lemonade Song
Heaven Is Waiting
Take the Wheel
My Deliverer
Brad- Morning Glory's
Jeff- I'll Be Seeing You
The Lion Lays Down
New Mexico
Midnight in Madison
Burning the Fields
Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
Praise Songs
Deeper in Love (encore)
If you're reading this review, chances are you've bought the CD already. If not, you can navigate to the music link and order it online or get it at a concert. Oh yeah ladies, Mitch has come really cool Stargazer T-shirts you should check out. 
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