Derby, KS 09/19

Mitch McVicker concert & CD Release Party
Woodlawn United Methodist Church, 7:00pm
Derby KS, Sept 19th, 2002

Mitch always likes to visit the Light 99 studios when he gets to Wichita (Derby is a suburb of Wichita).

On this September 19th, the 5th anniversary of "the accident," Mitch reflected on that day and how far he has come.

They also shared stories of the old days which always brings smiles.

Mitch and "Dan-O" (yes, people often confuse "Dan-O" and "Danl")

Mitch and the guys were here almost exactly one year ago, the day after the fateful 9/11.

While things weren't exactly "depressing" then, the mood was definitely more festive this evening...


... as we celebrated the release of Mitch's new CD, "Without Looking Down."



The concert was great! Mitch played a few of the "old standards," but most of the concert was obviously cuts from the new CD. As Mitch had said, one of the objectives of this recording was to have arrangements that could be more faithfully reproduced live.



To assist in more genuinely reproducing the recordings, Mitch and the guys got a new sound system. To help run the new system, Paul Yodis was assigned the job of sound engineer. While Paul has a full time job in North Carolina, he has worked out personal leave time and the fact that most concerts are weekends to enable this task ... and he did a great job! Paul is included in the group pic below.




Many of these new songs are not that new, if you've been to any of Mitch's concerts in the past year or so. Two of my personal favorites, are "Midnight In Madison" and "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled" (which I immediately learned to play at church). "Don't Let..." is a basically a love song to us from Jesus, and it has ministered to me greatly.

After the concert, Mitch spent quite a bit of time visiting with old friends and fans ...

Mitch's dad, Doug McVicker (back left), was busy as everyone picked up their CDs.

David and Lisa Sprinkle (left) had just rolled into to town (formerly with the Legacy in Wichita, and now with the Legacy's traveling music school.)
and popped in to say Hi to Cobra Joe (right) and everyone.

(left to right) Joe Curet, Brad Layher, Jess Weiss, Mitch, Stephen Pierce (concert organizer), and Paul Yodis (soundman).


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