Kingdom Cafe, Wings Game - Feb 99

Kingdom Cafe, 2/4/1999

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Later that evening (the same day as the Faith and Learning Series), Mitch and his band appeared at the Kingdom Cafe which is a "fellowship hall turned cafe" at the University Friends Church just east of the university.

It is a rather small room in a large old church, seating maybe just over a hundred, and only about half to two-thirds full. However that didn't seem to dampen the "homecoming" for Mitch as he returned to his alma mater for this very intimate, full-length concert (lasted over two hours).

Jim Smith introduced the group, repeating a couple of the things mentioned in the morning lecture series, but especially the fact that Mitch and Michael were Friends graduates.

The set list was as follows (Mitch wrote it out from memory for me the previous Wednesday, when we visited at my church):

     Here & Now [MCH]
     One Of These Days [MCH]
     Right Here With Us [UNR]
     New Mexico [MCH]
     Heaven Is Waiting [CAN]
     In Your Hands [CAN]
     Where Did It Go? [UNR]
     Hope [MCH]
     There You Are [CAN] / Fairest Lord Jesus medley
     Madeline's Song [UNR]
     Only Love Will [MCH]
     Gospel Rain [MCH]
     Freedom [MCH]
     When You Love [UNR]
     Wanna Be Ready [UNR]
     It Is Well [UNR]
     My Deliverer [JES]
     Take Hold Of Me [MCH]
     The Lemonade Song [MCH]

Albums represented:
[CAN]  Canticle Of The Plains, 1997 Ragamuffin Records
[MCH]  Mitch McVicker (Self-Titled), 1998 Independent Release
[JES]  The Jesus Record, 1998 Myrrh Records
[UNR]  New/Unrecorded

The only song missing from this list (and has been AWOL since Mitch started touring) was "She Asked Me How" (more about that song in a later review). Fans of Rich and Mitch will immediately notice one glaring stand-out in this list, that being "Madeline's Song." Though this was not the absolute first time Mitch had played this song live (having performed it live with Rich on the '97 summer tour, and also having performed it once with this group just earlier in the week in Oklahoma City), it was a very special moment for Madeline's parents, JIm and Megan Smith. They were, of course, present that evening, but also special because Rich's brother, David and his family were also in attendance.

I won't go into too many details, since the setlist and comments (plea for Compassion, story of "Brother Shelli", etc) were very similar to previous reviews, but I will share just a couple more things.

When they played "In Your Hands" and "Where Did It Go?" Mitch was playing a "papoose" guitar, which was a baby sized guitar. It added a neat variety to the sound, and Mitch said it made him feel like he was competing with Michael and Eric who both play such a wide variety of instruments. (This particular guitar met an untimely demise not too long after this concert - it got dropped and smashed - ARGH!)

After the break, they were trying to play a trick on Eric by putting water in his chair, but Michael accidentally sat in it first. It was pretty funny.

I also have to comment on the arrangement of "My Deliverer." With Eric's wonderful intro on the mandicello, and Shelli's beautiful voice, it was very different, but just as incredible as the Ragamuffin's recording.

A very relaxed evening, with great music and ministry.

Wings Soccer Game, 2/5/1999

I was unable to attend the Wings Soccer game that evening, but spoke to a couple people that did go.

It's a bit of an unusual concert venue, with the band setting up in the stands (facing up into the crowd), Coliseum poles obscuring the view a bit, and a somewhat non-typical crowd for a Christian music concert.

However, the turn-out was awesome with several hundred staying after the game for the concert - or coming specifically to see Mitch.

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