Oklahoma City, OK 02/02 1999

Mecca Morgan's Oklahoma City review
Here's a little review of Mitch's show OKC. I have to say, I really was impressed with his full-length show. The only other times I've seen him, he was either playing with Rich, or opening for This Train or the Ragamuffins, and basically playing the same set of songs. This show was much different.....very laid back.

Troy (left) the organizer of the concert, with MitchTroy and Mitch

Mitch's day in OKC started off with an interview at the local Christian rock station, KOKF 91FM. Unfortunately, RaNee' and I were at the Olive Garden with my mother and missed it. We had set a tape recorder before we left, and would you know it, it cut off it the middle of the song he did on-air! Ugh! Luckily, we got to hear it and the end part of the interview in the car, on the way home....just didn't get it on tape.

Patti Jackson (left) KOKF radio (interviewed Mitch)Patti Jackson and Mitch

It really was a good interview. Also, when I talked to the DJ a couple of days later, she said that the station got a few e-mails from people who had listened to the interview over the internet, and the seemed pretty excited about that. The station hasn't reviewed Mitch's CD yet to see whether or not they'll play it, but the program director has those e-mails and I think that's going to help him make his decision, so thanks to whomever sent those!

Shelli Yoder and MitchShelli Yoder and Mitch

Ok, on to the actual show. First off, despite all of our promotion efforts, the crowd was embarassingly small (think Jonesboro, AR from the HMT), but that didn't stop the guys (and Shelli) from putting on a great show. I know Mitch still wants his old singing voice back, but he sounds great the way he is. He said in the interview that he's just gotten good at faking people out. :-) The show was pretty much the same as the one Tim had at his church in Winona Lake, except we got one more song than they did (ok, so I'm gloating a little). They started off with "Here and Now" then played "One of These Days", at my request :-). Next was a new song, "Right Here With Us", which was very good! I don't know if y'all wanna hear a song by song description or not, but that's what you're getting. Next was the "funky" version of "New Mexico", then "Heaven is Waiting", then "Brother Shelli" did a wonderful job on "In Your Hands" which is one of my favorites from "Canticle".

Michael Aukofer and MitchMichael Aukofer and Mitch

The next song was one of my very favorites of the evening, called "Where Did It Go". We only assumed that Michael couldn't sing b/c he never did. We were wrong! This song rocked, especially the end when Eric sang the chorus to "No Not One" while Michael and Mitch sang rounds of "The Lord lift us up and never say goodbye, he'll keep the poor and weak and weary at his side". Wow! That needs to be on the next Cd, for sure! Let's see, next they did "Hope" and "Fairest Lord Jesus/There You Are", Shelli sang on this one, and I just can't say enough about what she adds to the group. She's a very sweet lady, with a very pretty voice. Next, the extra song, I heard them do in soundcheck (that would be the 2 hr soundcheck......don't ask). They practiced "Madeline's Song" on us b/c they were going to be in Wichita Thursday and Friday, and wanted to have it ready to sing for Jim and Meghan Smith (her parents). After that, Mitch did the Compassion speech where he talked about having lived right across from a Compassion school, and seeing and being a part of what they do first hand. He also said that even though it wasn't a big group, he'd seen some big crowds not respond at all, and he'd seen small crowds really take hold of what they were trying to do with Compassion. I think it really moved some people there, b/c Mitch's mom reported a couple of days later that there were 9 sponsorships that night. (Cathy, I knew you'd be excited to hear that!) A friend and co-worker of mine had brought her 4 kids and 2 of their friends to the show (can you say, insane?) but they had to leave at the break b/c it was getting late and the baby was getting fussy. Mitch was kind enough to stop what he was doing to talk with them and take a picture with her 14 yr old son. The part that cracked me up though, was when he told the baby that they were going to be playing some "real catchy tunes" in the second set, but he understood if she had to go to bed. It really was precious, and he was right when he said catchy tunes.

Eric Hauck and ShelliEric Hauck and Shelli

The first set was surprisingly mellow, but once they came back from the break, they rocked. First song was "Gospel Rain", then "Freedom", where Eric does things on that cello that I've never seen before! Right about that time, Mitch took it upon himself to REALLY embarrass a good friend of mine. Her name is Melinda, and she's a bio-chemist (or on her way to being one), and just a very serious type person. Well, Mitch stopped the show, and said "Girl in the grey shirt, I don't know your name, but I've made it my goal tonight to make you smile. You know, I can tell you're getting into it , but you haven't been smiling, so......" then he (I wish there were words to describe this) shook his head and made funny faces until she started laughing. Michael made some comment that I can't recall, then Mitch was like "ok, so thanks" and went on with the show. Funny thing is that my roommate, who was sitting with Melinda, said that she thought it really blessed her. Anyway, next song was a re-vamped version of "When You Love", and that thing needs to be recorded and put on the air. Wow! I knew it was Rich's song, but parts have been added. It has a new chorus, unless I'm just not remembering the old version correctly. The new chorus says "Yeah, when you love, you are gonna find peace. Yeah, when you love, you find a new song to sing. Yeah, when you love, you are gonna break free from this world, and your heart will rise above, when you love." I don't remember that from the original, so my question, for anyone who knows is, was this Mitch's addition, or something that Rich changed before he died? I could've asked Mitch after the show, but I didn't think about it then. After that song, they did the song others have mentioned about putting on the long white robe.....is it called "Wanna Be Ready"? Whatever it's called, the song is great, and another one where all 3 guys sing (they really should make Michael sing more often). Afterward, Mitch told one of his funny stories from the road. This one started out "So I'm walking up to the urinal...." 'nuff said. Then, since telling that story always puts him in the mood for a hymn, they played a beautiful arrangement of "It Is Well". Next, they did "My Deliverer", another that Shelli sang on......wonderful. Then they ended up with "Take Hold of Me", the "Lemonade Song", and since they don't know any more songs, "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High", and "I Love You Lord".

Michael AukoferMichael Aukofer

Wow! Aside from my rant dating and singleness, many moons ago, this is my longest post ever! Believe me, I'm as glad as the rest of you that I don't write this much, very often. But it really was a great show, and I can't wait to see them again. Like I've said before, I just can't get enough of Mitch's music. Couple of things after the show, we were talking to Shelli and she mentioned that Eric was leaving. I kind of knew this b/c the website mentions that Mitch will be doing shows on his own later this year, but I just assumed that Eric would be on tour with RBJ again. Shelli said that he wasn't, but he was going back to his trek across the country on motorcycle. She said that he still wanted to learn to surf, and then to live in Alaska for awhile. Of course, that's just what I've heard, but some of you who will be seeing them in the near future, might ask him about that. I hate to see him go, even if it's only temporary. I also asked Michael how his Christmas concerts went, since I didn't get to go to any.....and since Danl hasn't said a WORD about them, ;-) He was really excited to talk about those. He said they were going to do them again this December, while he was home with his family in Wichita. He said hopefully, all the dates would be set by October. Mitch suggested that we bring them down to OKC, but Michael said that the shows had to be within an hour and half driving distance b/c one of the guys works full time and would have to be at work the next day. So, all of you who are within driving distance, take note and keep your eyes peeled this winter! I guess I've pretty well covered everything. On would *hope* that I have, by the size of this post. I know I left things out, but that just gives RaNee' something to tack on, since she waited for me to do the review. :-P

yes, I realize that I've seen them 5 times now, but I'm really not a groupie ;-) , Mecca

(l. to r.) Shelli Yoder, Mitch McVicker, RaNee' Stumpff (Mecca's friend),
Mecca Morgan (reviewer), Michael Aukofer, and Eric Hauck
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