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Review of the Internet Studio B Video
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Review of the Internet Studio B Video ~ by suzan


My first visit to the Studio B site  was because of this scheduled appearance by Mitch.  It was a blessing to see that the whole site was filled with God and His love.  We received a generous gift of directv as a christmas present, but this program was not going to be covered by any stations on it.  I just looked at it as a missed opportunity to view Mitch, but a gift from God that his music ministry would be receiving some great coverage for others to enjoy.

I explored the site some more and found that Studio B encouraged people to let them know what we think of their station. They requested testimonies of any Christian artists who have had an impact on our lives, artists who have driving forces to worship God. They asked who would you like to invite back, and who would you really like to see as a featured artist on Studio B? Their email address:

This was my first grin in a while because yes, I felt God beaming at my reaction.  Ok, so I sent them the following email:

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

I thank God for all the blessings He gives us. I thank God also for using people like Mitch! Thank you so much guys for having this wonderful Christian artist on you show! It is so very powerful to watch Christ work through him and his music ministry.  To quote Mitch, somewhere he intro'd a song.. "I am a wild horse".. well, I'm not sure what he was trying to say, but if it means unconventional, and just a total, devoted follower of Jesus well then he is that.. he is a St. Francis brother driving to serve his Father.  Rich Mullins said before they did Canticle Of The Plains.. if we want to understand Frank, we need to study Mitch.

Guys, please, please stay strong in Christ as you too continue to serve you Lord!.. will Mitch's segment be on your site? I of course don't get the tv station.  It is enough for this heart to know that many saw him!

A friend in Christ who supports his ministry via an unofficial site.. God said it would be a good thing 
to do. ~ suzan

Sending that email, left me with a calm.  To my amazement they turned that calm into a storm of emotions.  Emotions of excitement when they immediately responded that they were working on getting that video up at the site.  God is so good.

The Review:  Note, please don't read this BEFORE watching the video.  It's a recap and I don't want to spoil the awe of experiencing it for anyone. 

The audio quality was good for me on the net, but at first the video a little choppy and took some getting use to..  in reality, the thing I was looking for was the audio.  Sure we have heard the songs before, but the new renditions are so much fun to experience.  Seeing the video and the four together was an added bonus and very cool.   I was stunned  by the opportunity to be able to watch at all! Yes, this whole experience was truly a blessing.

He started out with When You Love.  Immediately I noticed the difference Jeff was contributing to the sounds.  I've requested Mitch consider at times, doing a number in concert, "unplugged and alone".  Just because It's so amazing the effect he has alone just strumming.  Well Mitch also has the unique talent of picking the right support mates, and it was so evident in this program.  They blended together like they had been playing for a decade.  It was so natural and flowed to perfection.  And yes when he got to the on and on and on part of the song.. you did wish it would do just that.

Next he gave them his classic, never can be outdone trademark unique The Lemonade Song.  I was very pleased when Mitch wrote a while back to my question:

~ Can you please, please not get tired of singing it for us? 

" I don't expect to get tired of playing the lemonade song.  I think I like it a lot more than people realize.  It still moves me.  I still love to hear the story."

You can read his article on  looking behind the Lemonade Song at link  Once again while the words were all the same, the new rendition was a treat.  Still filled with incredible energy but offering familiar sounds filled with comfort and of course my always requested, play some harmonica for us!

At this point in the show, I started watching the time remaining.  I beamed when I realized he had time for at least two more!  Mitch chose Upside Down. Lyrically this song has always blown me into awe. I am stunned that he was able to weave a novel of thoughts together and then record them vocally with a song.  The guys, Brad, Joe and Jeff again seasoned his vocals so well with their own instruments to perfection.  Mitch sings about seeing God someday.. well when he sings this song, I hope he can feel God and His blessings.

Next Mitch gave us his humble thanks to all for watching and then proudly intro'd his band mates.  I liked when he intro'd Joe as the guy "hitting stuff".  They continued the show playing a crowd favorite Burning The Fields. I'm always thankful Brad took that semester off school to tackle the dulcimer when I hear this song.  The guys blended their vocals again so well on his ballad.  For more insight on this song, read the article Look Inside Burning The Fields  where once again he shared generously.

The last song Suits of Skin was filled with remixed elements.  I was surprised that Brad stayed on the dulcimer on this one!   I completely treasured the echoes and back ground vocals of the guys, along with their musical talents.  I told mitch he needs to consider re-recording some of them.  He said maybe someday they would just do a live recording.

Once again please consider writing the station if this video or Artist has effected you and would like Studio B to sponsor them again down the road.  Also, consider writing the guys some words of encouragement too.


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