Walking Through The Dark
Music Review &  Lyrics
Words & Music by Mitch McVicker
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Music Review: Walking Through the Dark – Mitch McVicker @2011 out of the box records.

Mitch McVicker  Walking Through the Dark 
Though it is a mini-CD, Walking Through the Dark is an epic effort. It is Mitch McVicker’s 
second release in what has become his series of smaller offerings, produced more frequently. 

According to McVicker, Walking Through the Dark is the only title that fits this collection of 
songs at this point in his life. It is the result of observations made over his 15-year, 8-CD, and 1200-concert career. 

He says, “I have communicated with people from every region of the country, social circle, age group, and economic situation. I’ve learned that everyone’s life is hard and that we all have mountainous difficulties. It seems we are all made up of a combination of faith, hope, and love AND doubt, confusion, and darkness.” 

McVicker once again traveled to Greenjeans studios in Wellington, KS, sat in the producer’s 
chair, and called on ultra-talents Michael Aukofer and Carter Green. The three of them locked the doors and immersed themselves in the recording of the 5-song CD. 

The opening track, “Here Comes the Day”, combines aggressive rock, folk, and even hip-hop , as McVicker proclaims in the chorus “the darkest night gets shined away”. Over the dream-like groove of “Awaken Me to Love”, McVicker sings “I’m moving past my best-foot-forward standing, instead I’ll recall what’s been in my soul all along”. In “My Salvation”, which is likely to become one of his earth-pop anthems, McVicker testifies to God, “You’re the tune I’m whistling when I’m afraid. So I’ll cling to You when I can’t see”.“As I look around my world, often I find myself thinking we’re just a bunch of pretenders”, 
McVicker says. “Faith does not mean neat, nor is goodness synonymous with comfort. Living a life of hope does not mean living a life of clarity, free of questions and confusion. Following 
Jesus, and living out our call to love, surely doesn’t alleviate pain and doubt. We do our best to hang on and walk through the Kingdom of God with the shoes we’ve got. And many times, it’s dark”. 

McVicker’s journey began by doing concerts, writing songs, and being roommates with the late, great Rich Mullins. The two of them garnered a Dove award for penning the song, “My 
Deliverer”. McVicker was in the car-wreck that took Mullins’ life, and he was left with broken 
bones, collapsed lungs, a coma-induced head injury, and a long recovery. 

Yet, McVicker, a Kansas native now residing in Atlanta with his family of six, asks, “Who 
doesn’t go through struggles and find themselves wandering what is going on? Questions mount as hard times increase and difficulties grow”. McVicker states as bluntly as he can, “If you say to yourself that doesn’t describe me, and things aren’t hard like that for me; I say, you are one of the pretenders”. 

McVicker believes most people find themselves walking through the dark. “The faithful person continues to walk when he or she cannot see”, he says. And, he reminds us that we are merely walking through the dark. “There is a light shining just past the dark. There is another side.” 

All of his music is available at mitchmicvicker.com

 HERE COMES THE DAY: Track 1 –  3:41 Here Comes The Day 

Grace like dewdrops 
Covering my soul up 
Rustlin’ the leaves whisperin’ to me 
I see it in the silver lining around the clouds, 
I hear it in the wind, it’s callin’ my name 
And I believe in you 
I believe you believe in me too 
The whole world would believe 
If only, only all could see... 

Musically, lyrically, this Artist never disappoints.  He carefully strings together a story in each and every line.

Walking Through the Dark Track 2 – 4:55 Awaken Me to Love 

Every moment has it’s own sweetness divine 
Yet what is happenin’ here’s more than the calendar 
Good and bad are in your hands, gotta get it through my mind 
Year the elements fit together whatever the weather 
No phase can take the place of my faith .....

I've run out of words to say wonderful differently.... but that is what his music is.

Walking Through the Dark Track 3 –  4:41 My Salvation 

Lord please save me, with every corner I go round 
Lord please take me ‘long every mile I travel down 
I been looking for the peace that is always right in front of me 
May your comfort end my search... 

Listen... enjoy.... let this song soak into your soul.. it is a gift.

Walking Through the Dark Track 4 – 4:18 Can’t Bury Me 

Time turns, days run out 
But no dirt can keep me down 
‘Cause there are gates of love that open up and take me in 
There’s a hope forevermore 
And my bones will dance for joy 
And you may say my lungs will not fill up ever again... 

Let's be truthful.... most albums give you two songs that are hits, and the rest are fillers around them.... Mitch  only puts a song on a CD after it has been polished to his own high standards... they are all the best of the best.... I know Rich Mullin's would be smiling on the talents of this artist he befriended.

Track 5 – 5:03  Every Day With You Counts 

Dawn slips across your window sill 
Yeah the sun shines warm and grand 
Yet’ there’s a love that is much more than 
So lose yourself in life and laughter 
Let abundance fill 
I won’t stop pushin’ the stone up that hill… for you.... 

My favorite Mitch McVicker song.... is the one I am listening to. I often don't get how talented he is... the way he paints the lyrics into the music, and then into our joy.  Enjoy his music and share it.