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Love Will Rise Track 11 Ė Walking on Air 4:01

The sun smiles
and dips behind mountrain trees
a holy light fills the sky
thought it rains all around me
and a rainbow begins to glow 
to remind me of home
and my hearts starts pounding so loudly


Iím walking on air
even the angels stop and they stare at me 
Iím on top of the hemisphere
and I can see clear to forever
walking on air

horizon haze all ablaze
like a branding iron
Your energy flows out to me
fueling my soul gone tired

when warm sands of circumstance
are not lasting
Your love has whitecaps
it keeps on crashing 

to the left or the right
Iím on top Iím just fine
the angels stop and stare at me 
whether in or outside itís enough
Iím alive Iím looking up as You carry me
even the angels they take a picture of me

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