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Love Will Rise Track 3 Ė Strap My Hat On 4:28

Iím not scared if the monster comes
to drag me under
Iíll stay right here
no I wonít turn gone
I wonít wonder 
I donít care about no weather front
when I hear thunder groan
it will overblow

cause everytime arrows fill my fragile skies
veiled behind neon flash disguises
love will rise to my defense so I
strap my hat on
and I lift my eyes when my King goes by
Iím gonna strap my hat on

the needles flat but the gage it laughs a melody
from my weakness I am pushed from stance to heights unseen
till Iím back again where my armor friend is cushion peace
to get me through
the song rings true

love will rise
I lift my eyes
love will rise
Iím gonna strap my hat on

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