Love Will Rise Track 2 Ė Partysong 3:35

thereís a celebration
thereís a spot at the table
itís a good time banquet
so come one come all
even if you donít think youíre able
the bruised wonít be crushed
if you limp youíre gonna run again
now the thirsty come on and drink up
and as the hope flows before you
know youíre danciní 

thereís a party going on up in the sky
a party going strong wrongs are made right
no eye has ever seen the likes of
this party thereís a party going on tonight 
a party going on heaven shines
a party going strong the angels fly
no eye has seen this sight before
hereís a party going on for evermore

the infectious groves
just cannot wait for you
the roof is on fire 
a holy fire
and everybody gonna love the dance
youíre gonna do 
the red carpetís rolling out
and theyíre singing so loud
youíre the invited  guest
the long-awaited for guest
and you thought that heaven didnít wanna mess with you

repeat chorus

itís stronger than anything in this world 

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