Mitch McVicker Ė Love Will Rise
@2007 out of the box records
produced by Nathan Nockels and Margaret Becker

Love Will Rise Track 1 Hallelujah 4:23

before the sun floats to the top
and the clouds open up 
before dawnís dew burns off 

before the ocean brings itís tide low
and the gentle breeze of night blows
before the constellation sky glows


turn your face
to morningís blaze
may your day be graced by love
lift your eyes
into the night
sing with eveningís blue dusk

before the buses and the trains leave
   before  the cellular waves stream
before the radio-man speaks

before the neon starts buzziní
and the nightclubs fill up yeah
if youíre along again by yourself

donít let your heart forget to pump 
donít let your scars cover  your love
know itís down there inside ya.



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