Sept 8 2005 Osceola ArtBarn Concert.

set up and sound checks:

They arrived at 3pm  and spent a full 3 and 1/2 hours getting setup and doing the sound checks.  The whole band works to get the sounds as good as it can get at each venue. We gave them a 100 year old barn complete with a theatre stage to perform on.  What seemed like endless feets of wires, cords, and music equipment found a home and were connected.. Then the actual sounds that would echo that night were tested.. equipment adjusted.. tested.. and in itself a show of amazement to watch... I told the guys I wanted very few pictures..... they said they wanted some of the show.. so I did that also... (you'll see the change in outfits..).. overall the experience can never be captured on film... the dvd does a good job.. and you should own it.


brad and mitch doing some fine tuning...

brad in the sound tech booth

sammy and brad checking their equipment..

joe giving the drums a feel as his sounds bounced around the theatre..


sammy.. what a wonderful artist!  how great it was to spend the day with him!  he is an artist not
to be missed if you can see in concert.

brad is tireless, or so it seems as he takes extra care on all the other guys before he
checks out his own equipment.. he is an artist and a sound technician  any band would drool over to have.. he is good!

mitch taking a quick break outside....

getting some vocals going...








check these happy feet... still sandled.. black and white... but i like to read between the lines...

they are all very caring on sound checks.... brad ends up running a marathon BEFORE.. the
show begins.. i caught him hoping between places in the audience seating to see how the sounds were
coming through.....

sammy horner.... a talented man..









To support his ministry, order music and the book directly from the official

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