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Sept 8 2005 Osceola ArtBarn Concert.

The venue started on time.. 7pm.  Mitch introduced Sammy Horner, who gave  us some great sounds.

well i wasn't going to snap during the concert.. but like i said at their request they wanted some.. i didn't use flash and didn't have the best setting either... but i think these at least reflect the mood and smiles, and souls of their music..

sammy talked about playing around the world.. and he truly is a seasoned artist with flair... he joked, he told stories, he was
very much loved in the ArtBarn!  we were learning disabled on singing-a-long with him.. but in some ways it was because
we only wanted to hear his golden voice... it is just that.




The venue continued with Mitch introducing
Brad Layher...

brad  took the stage solo next... brad has always sounded good... i do feel though all of the years doing this
are reflected in his vocals being stronger.. and his music just gets richer and better every time he travels  through the lyrics..
you would of thought from the crowd we were double sized... they truly fell in love with all of these artists..





The full band followed when both
Mitch and Joe came on stage:




above and below: cobra joe curet flavoring the music.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




mitch now shoeless.... but with black and white socks....

both the songs and ministry stories were well received, fresh, and amazing!


sammy and brad borrowed some of joe's equipment for solid rock...


ahhh... the sounds of joe!  he is the only drummer i would ever want to hear... it's always as sammy would say "great"..
mitch had fun with the word great at this concert.......... he said it with a Scottish flair.......



above and below sammy horner... sammy told me this tour, just came together and just worked out with
their schedules... how fortunate for anyone who gets to see these 4 together...

above Mitch and band loved the State Fair Backdrop we had not yet removed.. he told a ministry story
where he was going to put it in his contract rider, they needed to have a "state fair" backdrop.....









Mitch singing to His Lord Jesus..

above and below: brad giving his all.....


above and below: Mitch telling a great ministry story..




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