You Have Everything # 1 ~ 3:28
words and music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2002 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC) &Dustproof Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved
Lyrics reprinted by permission

I do tricks just to try to get your attention
It's a waste of time, but still I try to make an impression.
I spend time wondering just what I can bring your way.
I know you must be laughing at the foolish games I play.

'Cause you have everything
There's nothing you could ever need.
There's only one thing I can give to you and that's me.

I'm your kid so what would I think that I can become even more?
All I got is this heart  with broken parts and some skeletons behind the door. 
Yeah but somehow you're pleased with whatever I can bring your way.
Somehow you are smiling and that doesn't make sense to me.

Cause you have everything
There's nothing you could ever need.
There's only one thing I can give to you and that's me.
You have everything but what you want is me.

Mitch: You Have Everything happened in the summer of 2001.  I was listening to a record while I was on a drive.  I was listening to  R.E.M's newest record, which was ok.  But with one of the songs, when it came around to the chorus, I started singing this chorus melody and they weren't.  And I thought, your singing the wrong chorus here, what are you doing here?  And it was the first time I had heard it, and so I thought ok, well if your not going to use it then I am.  And then the song became You Have Everything.   It's the same old thing I talked about before, it's a verse in Malachi, were he says what can I give to you God, and he was basically stumped.  I am too, but there is one thing, and that is ourselves.

**You Have Everything

drums: Steve Latanation
bass: Mark Robertson
pod guitar: Brad Layher
acoustic guitar: Mitch McVicker
organ/keyboard: Phil Madeira
steel guitar: Paul Niehaus
percussion: Joe Curet
background vocals: Jeff Weiss, Brad Layher

From Mitch:
"This song was developed on the heels of reading Malachi's wonderings about what he should present to God. He was trying to figure out if he could give houses, land, or even cows to God. But in the end, he was stumped. Though I am too, there is something."



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