You Are All 
words & music ~ Rich Mullins  and Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music  All rights reserved 
Lyrics reprinted by permission 

And here You are 
Shinin' in a glory that I can see 
When I look beyond myself 
And I fall into the depths 
Of Your love that beckons me 
Well, it fills my hungerin' soul with all the riches 
That are hidden in the wonders that You do 
And in the words that you have spoken 
There's a word that echoes still 
And I can hear it in the silence of these hills 

Lord, You are all that the world could not be 
You are great and strong 
You are good. 
Lord, You are all 
And everything that I could ever need 
You are faith 
You are hope 
You are love 
Yes, You are love 
You are peace 
You're my most high 
So now I fall down on my knees and cry 
You are all 

And here we are 
In a light that showers 
From things unseen 
Drawn from earth, dropped from the sky 
They have crept into our lives 
And called us to believe 
In the one of whom the distant clouds bear witness 
He was wounded 
He was raised and glorified 
And His voice thunders in the heavens 
And it pulses through our veins 
And we can find salvation 
In no other Name 

Chorus (twice) 

The play ends there. He is not a saint at the end of the show. It does not cover that. Of course, that happens much later in history. There are two ways of looking at saints. One is a saint as being someone who has been through this life and now lives in the presence of God, and that's all involved in the communion of saints from the apostles creed. And there's also the sense in which because we ... "saint" means "holy" or "sanctified" or "set apart," and I think there is a very real sense in which each of us should look at our own lives as being a life set apart unto God, and so there is I think a valid sense in which sainthood is not something ... there is that sense in which anyone who is a Christian, anyone who has been claimed by Christ is in a sense a saint, and the idea is that we should live as if we were ... whether or not we have achieved holiness, and whether or not we have experienced some sanctifying thing, I guess, to put it in sort of Nazarene terms ... "Whether or not we would call ourselves a saint, it's a good thing to live as if we were." The author, Jerry Bridges says that if you recognize that you're in the pursuit of holiness, then you're probably not really in it, because you shed yourself of all of that recognition and all of those things if you really are in the midst of it.


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