Wounded One

Mitch McVicker and Kevin Galloway

Jesus, Coming King, Savior, My Hope of Glory
Lord of Lords, Son of God,
I love You

Wounded One, so beautiful
Bruised One, so meek
Pierc-ed One, so faithful
Sacrifice for me


Wounded One, You're so forgiving
Broken One, You've made us whole
Risen One, You're ever reigning
You're ever reigning, so now reign over my soul


My Wounded One, the One for me, the One for us,
You are saving the whole wide world
My Risen One, for all of us,
You will return


Jesus, my Coming King, my Savior
You're my Hope of Glory

@2006 White Plastic Bag Music

Mitch McVicker on Wounded One: I wrote this song with a great friend of mine, Kevin Galloway. We were sitting in a hotel room in Austin, Texas.  Kevin is a great praise and worship style of song writer. I  was wanting to write a song that was a response to the Lord's activity in our lives.  This is what came about.

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