MITCH McVICKER : Without Looking Down. (Spindust Records : 0688623128)
This is an acoustic rock album, which it took me a few plays to get into, but it was worth the effort I think. The lyrics are the thing that I found a bit strange. There's nothing wrong with the content, but Mitch sings the words as if he were speaking in conversation rather than how you'd expect a song to sound, which does give the album quite a unique style. The words are on the whole very well thought out, although a few of the songs left me a bit unsure as to what they were about. The sleeve notes describe this as an album of "Progressive acoustic driven songs that encourage the listener not to look down on their fears and doubts, but to focus on God". I guess that sums it up nicely really. Mitch received a Dove award for "My Deliverer" which he co-wrote with Rich Mullins, whom he described as his mentor. In fact Mitch was in the car with Rich when the accident occurred and this is his first serious piece of work since. It reminded me a lot of Soul Asylum, and it's certainly worth a listen if you can find a copy. 8/10. Andy Sayner.