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  Mitch McVicker
  Without Looking Down


 You Have Everything
 Take The Wheel
 I Need You Jesus
 Turning Tables
 Nowhere Else
 Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
 The Lion Lays Down
 Deeper In Love
 Midnight In Madison

by Robin Parrish

Without Looking Down finds Mitch McVicker churning out his third album of heartily-encouraging folk/pop songs. The only real difference this time is that he's finally getting national distribution through his recent signing to Spindust Records, which is distributed by Word Records (er, make that "Warner Bros. Christian Division" -- at least this week).

McVicker sounds like he's settled comfortably into his own voice this time out. His lyrics don't seem quite as personal as last time, with more of a generally-applicable outlook on life, and plenty of commentary about God's nature. Things also seem a good bit happier these days, with upbeat, positive tunes prevailing.

The songs on Without Looking Down aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the grit and muck of life, but McVicker finds plenty of joy in the journey. It's not the slickest or most modern-sounding album on the market, but there's something charmingly earthy about the unpretentiousness with which McVicker presents his work. He's just being himself, creatively expressing his simple artistry, and that's always a refreshing thing.

Album cover courtesy of Spindust Records.