Things Even Angels 
words & music ~ Rich Mullins  and Mitch McVicker 
Copyright © 1999 White Plastic Bag Music  All rights reserved 
Lyrics reprinted by permission 

Mine eyes have seen the glory of a coming of a time 
When we won't search in mines lookin' for gold 
And why are we diggin' in the darkness when the sun is in the sky 
And there's a light that's shinin' in our souls 
Salvation is calling 
Salvation is what we need 
Well it's free and it's falling 
And if you look around I think you'll see 

Things even angels 
Things even angels long to look into 
This love God rains down over you 

Things even angels, 
(Things even angels) 
Things even angels long to look into 
This love God rains down over you 

Oh say can you see by the early light of dawn 
What it means to be born, and born again 
Can you feel the earth is shakin' 
As He rolls away the stone 
And you know you're gonna follow Him 

Salvation is calling 
Salvation will set us free 
Well you know that it was costly 
But it's yours along with all of these 


Over you 
Over you 

They are now in the mountain range probably in north-eastern New Mexico. They have loosely followed the Santa Fe trail, but they really were following the sun, because it's a little more proper. Lefty and the mountain lion become good friends. The lion is also one of the four creatures that surround the throne of God. So now we have three of the four creatures that surround the throne of God. And the lion is ... now it depends on whether you're catholic or Protestant. Most of the Catholics take the lion to represent Mark. Most Protestants take the lion to represent Matthew, because Mark is a very active gospel, and so they would say the lion was very active. Matthew has a lot to do with the kingdom of God, and so the Protestant people will say this has to do with kingliness. And that's the take we took on it. And right at this point, right after lefty begins to melt and begins to be converted. And the eagle, John, flies in, and he's got a letter in his beak, and the letter is from Clare. Clare in the meantime, while this message has been sent via the eagle to St. Frank on the trail, she has also been in movement. She has moved to Texas, to Nacogdoches.


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