Happy Thanksgiving


Psalms 69:3 (KJV), image: birds rejoice in nature's splendor

Be With Christ, 
Today and always
Let Him continue to guide you 
Let Him bring you safely on your journey 
Let Him give you strength and compassion 
Let Him walk by your side 
He choose to make you His own 
And you answered in word and deed. 
Let Him guide you and show you the truth, 
Let Him give you the thirst for hope 
Let Him guard you and rescue you 
Let Him examine your heart and be pleased 
Let Him be your light and your salvation 
Let Him teach you patience, compassion and mercy 
Let Him be your strength and your shield, as you trust Him 
Let Him take away any sorrow, distress and grief that trouble you 
And then just praise Him, and shout and sing with joy 
For He is your God, and He is right and true, 
And in all things, know He is with you


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